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  1. Fire-medic

    Corvette Z06 vs. flying man in squirrel suit

    Perfectly content to watch both of them from the safety of my chair or the couch! :surprise:
  2. sdt354

    New Vmax man cave

    After contemplating building it myself, pricing materials and wanting this done before winter,I contracted a company to come in and put up a small barn on my prepped site. Good thing for Tina, she reminded me how long it took me just to build a container for my gas I can hold my...
  3. rusty

    Man beheaded in freak motorcycle
  4. SpecOps13

    Ultimate Man Cave.....
  5. T

    dannymax...THE MAN!!!!!!

    this is my first time posting here but had to tell you all about dannymax. i shipped my carbs to him from california and he had them cleaned and rebuilt and back in the mail in five days. AMAZING!!!!!!.he did a great job on my carbs. i was worried about sending them in the mail but he told me...
  6. Fire-medic

    Is this man a threat to all first-responders?

    Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere. Enter his name in your favorite search engine and see what he has to say.
  7. Diablo

    Gen 1, One pic from the isle of man TT

    On the mountain, waving at the cameraman on the damned mountain. Stupid thing to be doing. Anyway, thats Me on Snaefell. (added more pics and a video later in the thread).
  8. Fire-medic

    man cave fabrication project

    Those of you who saw my post on getting my garage space going ( could be interested in what's next. I dropped off a bunch of raw steel w/my fabricator today, trying to get my tool finished to help me store things and to work and to...
  9. Miles Long

    One man's opinion re Donald Trump

    Seems to be well thought out. Also, although not fleshed out, the very reason why Trump will never beat Hilary Clinton. Cheers...
  10. CaptainKyle

    Man cave

    I went shopping for the man cave tonight and got a few cool signs they are bigger than they look in the pictures. I had to get.out of the store before i went
  11. SpecOps13

    The Man and the Thunder

    Great Story:
  12. B

    Man this thing is awesome!

    Hello All. This is my first post but I've lurked around for a few months. On Monday i became the proud new owner of a 1998 VMax. Drove 8 hours round trip to get it. Only 20,000 miles on it and cosmetically in great shape. I've been riding a 1987 Honda VF700C Super Magna for the last 3...
  13. dannymax

    German man dies in condom machine explosion!

    Comments anyone?? :rofl_200::rofl_200::rofl_200:
  14. M

    Man walks into Chick-Fil-A

    By Bill Callen | Top Right News Chick-fil-A, the same fast-food outlet that constantly gets accused by liberals of being evil, has once again proved the opposite to the world. This time it did so by unveiling an amazing Veterans Day tribute that left Georgia resident Eric Comfort...
  15. frank5079

    Stupid Old Man!!!

    The guy on the bike was taking chances passing the way he did with his girlfriend on the back, but this old man had no right to hit them!!!
  16. Fire-medic

    a strong man, in spirit, Norman Frajman

    I attended a lecture at college today given by an 86 y.o man. His story is one of amazing perseverance, overcoming unbelievable obstacles, suffering for years, and an eventual triumph of will. His name is Norman Frajman. Mr. Frajman was born in Warsaw Poland, and was 10 years old when the...
  17. rusty

    Man shoots down drone his back yard

    :thumbs up:
  18. J

    My lil man....

    Well he isnt little anymore but my 10yr old son has recently sparked a huge interest in mechanics. So I had planned an oil change yesterday for my max. He did ALL the wrenching. He got oil/grease on him and was super excited!! We finished up and run it with no leaks. Sooooo next we changed...
  19. Fire-medic

    Isle of Man compared to everything else

    All the world's road circuits are in the inner area while the perimeter is the Isle of Man! Thirty seven miles.
  20. C

    Z06 Corvette.... man are they nice!

    I tried to get one to race me the other night. I usually don't go looking for trouble. But for some reason I thought it would be funny. Was a older guy in the red beauty. We were rolling around 80 mph on the highway with no one around, around 10 pm at night. I dropped to 2nd gear and hit the...