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  1. K

    New Chinese Masters....

    So I bought these on Ebay a few months ago and they were on the slow boat so I just received them the other day: They bolt up great and I have attached pictures of them. They only...
  2. 82ndCowboy

    Looking to upgrade Masters and calipers.

    OK guys. Ive decided my next mod is to upgrade the brake calipers and master cylinders on My VMAX. ANY one got any pics of some upgrades? Was thinking R1 or ZFR1000, but thats not set in stone. I want bolt on without adapters. Anyone find any with red pot caps? I need to find a matching brake...
  3. C

    ZX14 masters

    I have the opportunity to buy a set of ASV shorty levers for next to nothing, but they won't fit on my bike in it's current state. I've ordered master cylinders from a Kawasaki ZX14 that the levers will fit on, which includes the levers, master, and reservoirs, and reservoir bracket...
  4. C

    Bought ZX-14 Masters, Now Banjo Switches ?

    Ok, I bought a set of ZX-14 Clutch and Brake Masters with levers. Need to replace the micro switches and use the banjo bolt micro switches. Both measure the same and I think these are M10 x 1.25 (10mm x 1.25 pitch). Questions: 1. Is the size correct and pitch correct ? 2. Both identical...
  5. C

    Use of Kawasaki ZX14 Masters Brake & Clutch

    I think someone mentioned that he uses ZX14 master cylinders (Brake & Clutch) on his Vmax. I understand the ZX14 masters are manufactured by Nissin. Need a bit more info. 1. Will the OEM '98 Vmax brake/clutch lines fit the masters by just plug and playing ? 2. Will all ZX14 years fit (7/8"...
  6. Ridin Dirty

    Nissin masters.

    I'm looking to change the stock brake and clutch masters to Nissins. Can anyone advise what size's I will need, in millimeters? I'll also be adding braided lines. the calipers are stock. If I later want to change out the front brake calipers, will I need a different size brake master?
  7. Diablotin

    Radial masters finally installed

    I finally installed a set of radial masters with shorty 6 positions adjustable levers. The feeling is really great, now I finally know what it means breaking with just 2 fingers with the R1 calipers. the Clutch is effortless and I can switch gears easier and faster than before Did I say...
  8. one2dmax

    Muscle Brake Lines - masters

    Hello All, here's the pricing for Galfer and HEL products. We do also have EBC products available and please inquire for them. We also have available through Galfer the Accossato master cylinders/levers (works of art). I will update this post as I get more inquiries. Galfer and HEL Same pricing...
  9. satariel666

    Masters of the universe....

    I do not have words to describe this...
  10. vmax1125

    fjr masters

    Anyone know where i can get a set of fjr master cylinders. been looking on ebay with no luck i figured some one here might know. Chris :ummm:
  11. odieoh24

    isr masters, 05 r1 front end, otec triples, ohlins rears

    $4000 and change, but worth every cent. hmf exhaust will be coming shortly! dont tell the ole lady what i spent this summer or i'm gonna have to figure out a way to live in it lol!! the ride is even better than i expected. once i get comfortable with the new setup underneath me, i WILL keep up...
  12. vmaxinID


    Ok,ok, What is the "best" paint to re-do my brake and clutch reservoirs?