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  1. Z

    Northern Utah Maxers out there

    Hello all you Utah Maxers, Thought it would be cool to start a group get together of us. Even if its a meet for breakfast or something. Lining up the maxes at snowbasin, or Huntsville at Chris', or Kelly's would be an awesome sight. if interested reply here and we can set up a meet and...
  2. shawn kloker


    Hey,WTF? Any old school guys left?
  3. C

    Carb Tuning Help from Fellow V Maxers

    I just acquired a 1982 Honda V45 Magna. I have been having trouble getting the carbs tuned perfectly. The problem is, when I turn the throttle, it will go up to about 5K RPM and hang there 5-10 seconds before it comes back down to normal idle around 1500 RPM. I cleaned and synced the carbs...
  4. Bacchus

    phoenix metro 'maxers...

    hello, I am in the phoenix metro area and recently got my second vmax. this 85 is in need of mechanical help. I am able to do my own work but could use a maxer buddy with vmax specific mechanical knowledge to provide the benifit of some experience in this area. my known issues at this point...
  5. SeaTownV-Max

    Seattle 'Maxers??

    So who else has the lack of good judgement to ride a V-Max around here in the fall and winter weather? I'm a 12 months a year kind of guy, and divide my time on two wheels up pretty evenly between big bikes and little ones (REAL little, like 50cc's of fury!) As a recent happy acquirer of my...
  6. ghostntheshell

    Durham Region Maxers post up!

    Hey guys - just wondering who here is in the durham region? I just bought a Morgan Carbtune Pro today - so maybe we can all meet up one day and get our maxes sync'd and all - especially if someone has somke experience ;) ________ volcano classic review
  7. vmaxcruzer

    Looking for maxers

    I'm new to the Boise Id. area and was looking for a few guys to hang out with. Ive been told that there are several vmax's in the area but havent seen any. Gotta get a weekend cruise going. Email me @ [email protected] or call 541-892-1485. KP
  8. T

    Any Maxers in the Salt lake,Utah area

    If there are any maxers in the area and would like to hook up and meet and just talk get to know one another and go ride plz let me know you can email [email protected]:punk:
  9. 4WARND

    Quad City/Eastern Iowa Maxers

    Nathan here from Davenport, IA. I have recently become the Iowa chapter leader for the VMOA. I am going to be trying to set up some rides and get togethers here in the Quad Cities. I usually make it to at least one Bike Night a week around here (usually Ducky's in Andalusia, IL). Please PM...
  10. Robbarrie

    Any Maxers in the Buffalo area ?

    If you live in the Buffalo area, can you tell me where I can pick up a spin on oil filter adapter ? I could order it online but I just rather make it a day trip and go pick one up. Thanks... reply or pm me if ya prefer. :biglaugh: