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  1. A

    Ram mount fork stem base

    Will the ram mount fork stem base work on a vmax? I see what looks to be just a cap over the hole but it it is going to take some effort to remove. Want to be sure before I remove it and probably break the cap
  2. A

    How to mount turn signals on front of vmax

    Hello im from portugal, and my uncle have vmax 1200 1998 full power and don´t have the suport bar stock in front where the turn lights signals is mout. how can i mout the led turn signals in front of the bike ? i have this bike 1 week ago it has 13 mil kms...
  3. A

    Mount a GPS on max

    If anyone is running a GPS on there I Gen Max where are you mounting it.

    where do you like to mount your GoPro's

    I am going to buy a GoPro and it is my first timne with one. Is helmet mount the best or other mounts. Let me know what you think and why you thin that way. I'm thinking if you turn your head you see what your eyes would see to so helmet is my choice so far unless I see some bad feedback about...
  5. Specs95t

    Good cell phone mount for VMax

    I looked around a little bit toward the end of last year and almost bought a ram mount for my phone. Instead, I ended up buying one of the cheap $5 generic mounts from eBay. Am I nuts?! I figured I would risk the $5 with an old company iPhone 4s that was due to be replaced. To my pleasant...
  6. Zeus36

    Vmax rear brake mount

    Looking for a spare mount to use as a mock up for mounting R1 caliper adapters. The stock bracket is 15 bucks off eBay, but if someone has a spare lying around that I could borrow or get cheap, let me know. (I would return it after I'm done) Don't know if they changed over the years, but I have...
  7. P

    Reflector mount seat/grabrail

    The aluminum mounting bracket that holds the reflector under the grab rail is needed. Have the reflector, just the bracket if anyone has one around
  8. Barry barker

    rear swing arm with lower caliper mount

    I haven't removed this yet so I cannot comment on the swing arm bearings. My guess they are good. Seals? includes brake brace and caliper bracket. $60.00 delivered to the lower 48. SOLD
  9. P

    fuel gauge mount

    I really want to add a fuel gauge to my 86 VMax I've seen where a sending unit can be mounted in the tank. No problem there. But I'm having trouble finding the right combination of parts to clamp a fuel gauge to the handlebar. Has anyone successfully done this? I can't seem to find a 7/8...
  10. P

    supertrapp sensor mount

    I have a set of supertrapp slip on mufflers to fit to a 96 max. One of them appears to have a boss for a sensor in the part of the pipe that slips on. Is there a slot on the oe pipe to take this? Asking this before I take the oe pipes off as they are a pain to get back on lol. Thanks for your help
  11. K

    Broke mirror mount, any solutions?

    I dropped my bike today :sad2:, but it wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. But I do have one issue: the mirror threads on the right break reservoir broke off with the mirror (I guess it was tougher than I thought). Any idea on how to secure the mirror back on? the threads left on the...
  12. Falaholic

    Fork mount or handle bar mount windshield. Opinions?

    Wanted to hear everyone's opinion on fork mount or handle bar mount windshields. Also, please take into consideration possible impacts while riding.
  13. F

    Front Engine Mount Question

    I'm working on a set of frame sliders and would like to use the front engine mounts as a connection point. Currently there is a long rod that runs from side to side across the front of the engine. I'd like to replace that with individual bolts on each side. Does anyone know why they used a...
  14. Fire-medic

    BMW inline 6-transverse mount touring concept

    An interesting take on what we like in the USA, according to Germany. I see Victory Vision and the Gold Wing derivative f6b Those as style inspirations, and this:
  15. CustomMax

    Rear top shock Mount

    Does anyone know how deep the top rear shock mount is? I guess because my rear setup was widened the actual mounting point cracked. I guess I'll get it welded but was curious how far the threads go into the frame or is it just the tit that sticks out? Anyone's advice is appreciated. Thanks
  16. B

    Dual Headlight mount fab

    I am in the process of fixing some damage from an accident last spring. I decided to do a dual headlight setup. I found some cheap dominator style headlights on ebay and the quality is not half bad. This is the link to the headlights...
  17. donnelly317

    Steel studs on speedo mount

    Does anyone know if the steel studs on the bottom of the speedo/handle bar mount are removable??? It connects the mount to the top triple tree. Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2
  18. dannymax

    Handlebar mount O/P Gauge line routing

    You guys with bar mounted oil pressure gauges....where do you route the line?
  19. S

    where to mount HID ballast?

    anyone have a good suggestion on where to put it? i got one coming and can't figure out where to hid the thing. Thanks, Sid
  20. C

    Custom Shift light mount bracket

    Here is my latest project for my bike. I have a few small changes I want to make and I ll zip out another finished one This is going to mount on the right hand side next to the headlight mounting infront of the speedo housing. Todd