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  1. JrBiem

    Free Oakley Sunglasses

    Got a post card in the mail today from the dealership I bought my '97 at last year. If I go test ride a new Yamaha I can get free Oakley Gascan sunglasses ($90 value). Looks like I will be goin to test ride a gen 2, win win! :D Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Xparent Green Tapatalk
  2. Max01red

    Oakley back pack

    My wife bouhgt me this back pack to use to carry my books back and forth to college, and to carry my stuff to and from work on the nights I ride my bike in. first off I love this thing, it has a bunch of pockets inside and out for everything from your MP3 player, phone, pens, pencils or...