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  1. C

    How many bikes have you owned ?

    I honestly can't nail down a number, I lost count after a serious 150 or so bikes. Most were running riding bikes, some where projects I thought I would work on. ALOT of Honda's. VF1000R ~86 last year they made them VF1000F ~ 84 rode it home and took it apart and someone made me an...
  2. ninjaneer

    How long have you owned your Max

    So today is the day, exactly 1 year ago, when my Max first graced my garage with his presence. Thanks to the Monkey, the Max has gone through some changes--some necessary, some not so necessarily necessary, some questionable, but most wonderful. You can see his transformation up to now, here...
  3. M

    what bikes have you owned?

    83 KX80, 85 KX125,88 Virago Route 66, 89 Virago 750,89 Yamaha FZR600, 93 GSXR600,94 VFR750, 99 VTR1000, 2000 YZF600R 97 EX250, 89 Vmax, 1980 KZ1000 Z1, 97 Bandit 1200, 2002 Hayabusa, 2001 KTM Duke II, 2001 XT350, 2001 KLR650, 1977 RD400, 98 VFR800, 99 CBR 1100XX, 2001 YZF600R, 97 Bandit 1200...
  4. R

    bikes I have owned

    Well It must be picture posting day today.So here it is...39 years of bikes. Missing is my 1983 seca "crazy fast bike" 1984 650 maxim, and a 1/2 a dozen I cant remember right now.
  5. 4gasem


    Ok so here's a few videos of guys getting owned. Watch the second one all the way through. It's amazing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx4F94DnATY&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtofbxmlv8Y&feature=player_embedded
  6. Theemax

    The toughest bike you ever owned

    On another thread the other day I brought up my 1975 xr-75 dad boght me in the spring of 75. That got me to thinking, of all the bikes I have owned in my life, that bike was the toughest hands down. We lived 7 miles from town on a farm, and I lived on and beat the hell out of that thing for...
  7. 4WARND

    How Many and What Bikes Have You Owned.

    PreMax love affair, what was your's? Just before my first Vmax, my obsession was my 1987 Honda Supermagna. The first time I saw one I new I needed it. The styling was nearly perfect. I had only seen two in person before finally getting this one and they were both red. I left notes on both...
  8. clintard

    Karma! HA! Owned!

    :biglaugh: :rofl_200: :clapping: Guys i know all of you have had a person in your life that is just an arrogant snob that you cannot stand no matter how hard you try. Well ive known this guy jeremy for about 5 years now and he has been nothing but an arrogant "thinks hes better than...