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  1. gleno

    Paint for the Gen 1 V-max

    There may be info on this somewhere but I can't find it. Does anyone know where to get oem paint for the vmax body kits? Are there paint codes somewhere that will allow colour matching? I ride an 88 canadian import that is blue but appears to have a purple hue in some light. How do I match...
  2. V-Four

    My Summer paintjob..

    As you may/maynot new (02) carbon fiber max looked as tho it sat in desert sun for the last 10 yrs..faded..scratched.. some silly sticker on it. anyway, I cldnt take it anymore. So I rattle canned it. (I DO have painting experience, and I WILL do a real job-maybe this winter.But I...
  3. johnpclynch

    New Paintjob?

    I'm thinking of changing my colour scheme and wanted to know what ye think Currently blue flames on blue Thinking of going metalic black with silver highlights Any suggestions?
  4. Buster Hymen

    Pretty Wild Paintjob

    Pretty good looking paint job on this bike. Post up your favourite!