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  1. F

    FS: highway pegs, billet exhaust inserts, tailbag

    **Generation 2 ** So the highway pegs came from that guy from Australia who sells them on Facebook - rode once with them and decided they weren’t for me (comes with all hardware). Tailbag has no hardware and previous owner polished the aluminum top plate. The muffler inserts have been used...
  2. Bill Seward

    Rear foot pegs for an '85.

    I seem to remember I had offered these to someone a few years ago, but couldn't find them. Well, I did. They're a bit worn, the chrome end looks good, and they're only the pegs, and the square shaft that runs down the middle with the pivot hole in it. If you got a bad one, this could work...
  3. 59ski

    2nd Gen Highway Pegs

    Does anyone know where I can find highway pegs for my 2009. I am willing to pay for fabrication as well.
  4. F

    hwy pegs , sissy bar , storage hole

    old owner had supercharged this bike leaving a hole above the carbs so made a plate now got a storage hole just put on some hwy pegs (some old harley ones) for the long trips and sissy bar to stop the misses flying off the back just thought i share it with you all going to set this bike up...
  5. B

    Highway pegs

    Hello I'm new to this form I just bought a 2017 Vmax March 13, 2017. We bought this bike with 0 miles on it I received it with 2/10 of a mile and it has 4213 miles on it already. That is 41 days of riding do the math. I didn't want a sport crotch rocket excuse the term nor wanted a gold wing but...
  6. J

    highway pegs, 2nd Gen.????

    Anyone out there know of any brackets/bars made that will hold highway pegs for a 2nd Gen. ?
  7. blyoth

    crash bar or highway pegs?

    I recently purchased an 04 that came with some accessories. I assume this is some kind of crash bar or something. It's quit comfortable to put your feet on except it's slick. Has anyone ever modified one of these by adding something to keep your feet from slipping off?
  8. J

    cheapo foot pegs

    After a long weekend run, I found I needed front foot pegs. My legs and ass got cramped. So I had some pegs from another bike project and put them on. This was the fastest simplest way to do it, LOL. I drilled a hole in the crash bar,...installed a piece of pipe inside so they wouldn't crush...
  9. TB99Max

    Aftermarket foot pegs

    I want to replace my stock foot pegs and wanted to see some examples of what you guys got. Thanks
  10. E

    Engine gaurds and highway pegs

    Decided not to use them. $115 shipped
  11. Bill Seward

    Rear pegs..

    Got a set of stock rear footpegs to fit an '85. Decent shape, the rubber is intact, not too worn. Pegs only, no brackets or pivot pins. $15.00 shipped free.
  12. P

    Busa calipers, 14MM master, & OE engine guards w/hwy pegs.

    Perfect condition caliper off a one owner bike with 20K. $45 shipped (Cont US) Calipers with unknown miles and some scratches. I would probably rebuild before using, but that's me. $45 for the pair shipped (Cont US). Honda 919 14MM master cylinder with adjustable lever in...
  13. Cameron32391

    Corbin lowering pegs.. Not impressed.

    I don't know what I was expecting but for $133 I was expecting something better. They fit fine but the cost is not justified. More like a $40 piece imo.
  14. R

    Offset Rider Foot Pegs 2003 Vmax

    Hey I was wondering if anybody out there has offset their rider foot pegs at all on there Vmax, I am a big guy and find that it can be a little hard on the hips after awhile in the standard driving position. Any input would be helpful.
  15. Maxorel

    Motocross pegs, brake pedal and stone guard

    Changing it up a bit from the norm...
  16. A

    moving rider pegs back

    I was thinking about moving the riders pegs back because I'm used to a sport bike and I really like that position. I was wondering does anybody know if there is something I could buy for this mod. I want it like this picture but I don't know if that bracket was swapped from another bike or made...
  17. N

    Made some high way pegs

    Founds kits online for $90 for a set decided to make my own $20 in Harley pegs and free scrap aluminum from work and I have a set now I do CNC routing at work so it makes things a little easier.[/URL][/IMG]
  18. J

    Highway pegs for 2nd Gen

    Does anyone know of any highway pegs for a 2nd gen?
  19. Tommygun4u

    Bicycle pegs into highway pegs

    I was rummaging through my garage and thought I try and make some highway pegs for added comfort on long rides. I used the bicycle pegs, 5-1/2" grade 8 bolts and 18mm deep well socket. I removed the upper motor mount bolt from the motor mount on frame and it is replaced by the grade 8. Doesn't...
  20. J

    passenger pegs

    looking for ideas on after market pass pegs,something with a bigger footprint than stock.have read a few post on net about krykn's wings not angled correct even with required adapters,any help my rider will greatly appreciate it...thanks