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    LCR Performance

    I wanted to let all of the vmax family know that Larry Fitzgerald of LCR Performance in Rochester NY is a stand up guy with very high quality work. I bought a set of 17" GSXR wheels he modified for our bikes and not only was the quality of his work impeccable but every nut, bolt and misc. item...
  2. vmax1998

    Star rider performance aka max flow exhaust?

    Hi I’m just reading up on a ton of exhaust systems dreaming of a full system someday. I’ve posted before about exhausts but now I’m wondering about the max flow systems. The street system mostly. 4 into 2. I’ve heard they are basically a ufo exhaust. I’m trying to get as much power out of a full...
  3. henrysgmc

    Gen 2 Brock Performance Exhaust NEW -SOLD-

    New NEVER installed. $1,250.00 and price includes shipping. Text me for more info 845-283-6593
  4. V

    Advice on my Vmax's performance please

    My Vmax is a stock 2000 model. The bike runs really smooth like a new bike all the way till about 7000 rpm where the engine seems to be reaching its max performance potential at 7500 rpm and develops some engine vibration. It feels like I'm pushing it to hard if i try to push it to the redline...
  5. henrysgmc

    Gen 2 Marks Performance Collector Assembly -SOLD-

    Im selling my Marks Performance Collector Assembly that was never mounted on the bike. I decided to go with something else. Text me if interested 845-283-6593 Price is $320.00 shipped.
  6. blaxmax

    UFO now Star Rider Performance

    Looks like Mike Lees has opened it up.
  7. C

    99 VMAX VMAX with UFO Performance Headers and Dynojet Stage 7 Jet Kit

    1999 VMAX with UFO Performance Headers and Dynojet Stage 7 Jet Kit The color in the pictures does not represent the real color. The last pic is the closest match, it is candy apple red. Very fast bike, with the UFO modifications you get the performance that the VBoost provide throughout the...
  8. G

    UFO Performance Products

    Had a wee look again on UFO website....they posted that they are saddened to announce to UFO Performance Products has closed........... Bad news for all concerned.
  9. Zeus36

    Galfer Performance Braking Systems

    Was driving around during lunch and discovered Galfer's warehouse here in Oxnard, CA - very close to where I work. Stopped in for a chat then I checked their website and found a back story: "...Galfer Brakes was founded by Maffio Milesi in Barcelona, Spain, in 1946 as a brake pad supplier for...
  10. Fire-medic

    truck performance on a real budget

    I just got my copy of R&T (Road & Track) and saw some referrals to their website for interesting articles. Well, one caught my eye, because it said, "you don't need $$$ to have a fast, fun street ride, look at this 11 year-old truck a tech guy in PA built, installing a used Chevy 6 litre LS/LQ4...
  11. D

    Southern California Performance Street Cruiser owners earn $150-$200 cash

    Southern California Performance Street Cruiser owners earn $200 cash Southern California Performance Street Cruiser owners earn $200 cash We are a market research company that pays people for their opinions. We aren't selling anything we just want your opinion about your bike and how you use...
  12. Barry barker

    Works Performance Racer Piggy back shocks

    Not for SALE Works Performance Racer Piggy back shocks Works performance can modify these shocks to the stock length of 13". Great news for me, I am keeping them. They will look great on my new 97. I just might try 13.5 inches. These shocks look brand new. I have no idea how old they...
  13. A

    Performance Camshafts

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  14. Fire-medic

    Performance in FL not necessarily VMax

    Here's some stuff currently going on at my friend Steve's shop in Dania Beach FL. 1: Yes, our favorite bike in for carb work, not mine! 2: A Suzuki GS1150 engine going into a fabricated frame, w/a huge 11" x 15" M&H slick, they expect to break into the 3's in the 1/8 mile w/this. Their two-valve...
  15. W

    HEL Performance brake lines Moto heaven review

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to write a review for HEL Performance brake lines and also Moto Heaven. Anyway, for anyone not familiar with HEL Performance, they make custom braided lines in almost any color and setup you would want and Through moto heaven their price and service was great...
  16. Conman

    Marks 4-2 HP Gains?

    So I've been eyeballing exhausts and so far I like the looks and sound of the Marks performance 4-2 the best. It has a nice deep rumble and it doesn't seem deafening from what I've seen on the videos of it. What can I expect in terms of performance gains from these? How do they stack up...
  17. Tommygun4u

    Did I lose performance from removal vboost butterfly?

    I haven't taken things apart to see what I have but guy I got my 90 model from said they did 1280 kit, stage 7 and removed vboost butterfly. I hear vboost cycle when ignition turned on but no "boost" feel. Does this hurt my performance? Should I fix it? The cyl has a scratches mark in it, he...
  18. H

    por mans performance mods

    ok so how do we get sum mour performance without braking the bank on a dead stok 94 max were to start ? :ummm::confused2::ummm:
  19. N

    UFO Performance Products--You decide

    I stated some of this in a thread regarding service and the lack thereof, but I think Mike Lee at UFO Performance Products in Royalton, OH, needs to be held accountable for his treatment of me and from what I've heard, others. To recap, I sent the swing arm from my 2001 VMAX to Mike for...
  20. B

    New to performance and upgrades

    Hello guys, Im relatively new to upgrading motorcycles and I took upon purchasing a 2001 vmax motorcycle, im 21 and found this motorcycle a fun project bike. Ive ridden other bikes before and nothing feels like a v max, i joined this forum looking for advice on how to have fun with my bike so...