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  1. Jayhawk

    Anyone ever regret switching out the stock pipes?

    Trying to talk myself into a set of Mark's pipes. (Trying to do this all winter... :confused2: ) I don't do much (really any) touring, and spend most of my time stoplight to stoplight here in a Dallas suburb. Just wondered if anyone developed long-term buyer's remorse from the swapout...
  2. R

    WANTED: black header pipes

    i'm looking for some black oem header pipes, please email me with pics & prices please. [email protected]:rocket bike:
  3. diggerzmound

    Loud Pipes!!

    Auction Link Definitely custom!
  4. diggerzmound

    Jardine Pipes Spout..

    Has anyone taken the plain flat end cap out of the end of the Jardine pipes and put a downspout on them? I think these pipes would look a world better if I could get turn down end caps. If anyone has a pipe with this kind of turn down, please measure the inside diameter. I would like to...
  5. jims94vmx

    pipes and springs

    was thinking of going with the hmf...was wondering if any of you guys are running this system without springs. i have hindle now.....getting old, so time either for a new bike (94) or upgrading a few more things again on mine. thanks... jim
  6. Jayhawk

    Guess the pipes

    Do the pipes on this Vmax sound familiar? I'd love to know which ones these are.
  7. Buster Hymen

    MikeMax04 -> Holy BIG pipes!!

    You can suck small children into those things! Nice Caddy lights too!:punk0000: