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  1. D

    Gear Idler Shaft Play

    I searched and could not find very much... I hear a knocking at my starter clutch at idle. .. ( my carb's are synced ) ..funny thing if I play around with the sync and unbalance the carb's the knock goes away. Changing the starter clutch did nothing for the knocking so I tore off the engine...
  2. caseyjones955

    Amy Schumer to play Barbie. A link someone sent to me, found it humerus, I hope you guys get the quality chuckle that I did. Who will play Ken? :clapping: :rofl_200:
  3. J

    Drivetrain play. Is this normal?

    Here is a link to a video. I've had a noise coming from the drivetrain. I've only had the bike since the spring. It's a 2007 with 6500 kms on it. I noticed it when I put in the windshield/fairing. I'm assuming it's been there for a long time. I thought it was in the dif, so ended up with a $400...
  4. Fire-medic

    NYS adolescents don't play sports

    Being familiar w/NY (not NYC) sports from decades-ago, I was saddened to see that prep enrollment in intrascholastic sports has fallen to the point where schools have to combine together to form "competitive teams." What this means, is that there aren't enough students who want to play...
  5. Z

    Throttle play

    Not sure if this is the best place for this if it isn't my apologies. Is it normal to have some negative play on the throttle? What I mean is, I can turn my throttle in reverse slightly with a little effort twisting action. When I do this the rpm's can drop by about 200. When i let...
  6. KJShover

    Would be fun to play with.

    Up here this puppy would be quite useful.
  7. davidon

    Free Play in shifter

    There seems to be some free play in my shifter when I put some weight on it before shifting..does not feel tight like it used to before going into feels a little bouncey. What would cause this? I did take off the middle gear nut and put it back on..don't know if its related or...
  8. jagco1

    Any Vmax Rider's play PS3 - GT5 game

    It would be nice to get some vmax rider's racing the game GT5 together.
  9. S

    got to play with new max.:)

    Hi all, All of you know about the new to me 09 I just got, I was sick when I got it and then the weather hasnt been cooperating much since. I brought it in for the oil pump recall. But on the way home i lett'er come unglued a bit. I did a 10 mph roll on & it was just SIC! the...
  10. WVxNitemare

    Anyone here play cod mw3 on ps3

    We should all have clan tag of vmax lol. Sent from my GT-I9000M using Tapatalk
  11. dingy

    Ignitech programmable TCI-plug & play group purchase definately happening

    I have enough commitment and 6 payments already in hand to definitely proceed with the Ignitech module group purchase. Original thread with some more details linked below. Please note this thread has reference to a used MAP sensor which is not going to be the case (will include new MAP...
  12. dingy

    Programmable TCI - plug & play group purchase feeler

    I am checking to see if there would be enough interest from members to make it feasible for me to buy about 10 (or more) of the Ignitech TCIP4 V80 TCI ignition modules. These units would be a 30 minute or less job to install & be riding with. I would get these units from Ignitech, pre-load a...
  13. N

    driveshaft play?

    :ummm:hello folks. does anyone know if the driveshaft itself is supposed to have a lot of end play? thanks
  14. 88vmx12

    Plug N Play Wire harness kits for COP's

    I am going to be making a small run of these COP's harness kits. They will made of all new connetors:eusa_dance: ( not used or scavaged ones from a wrecking yards) . They will also have a high temp sleeve over the wires. At this time I do not have a price yet , due to the fact that the...
  15. R

    exessive drive- train play ?

    How clunky are these bikes suppose to be. When I am in 1st gear and I let the throttle off and on....there is a pretty good clunk. More than I think there should be. When the big is shut off and in gear, you can roll it back and forth 4 inches...clunk, clunk. My buddy had an old gold wing that...
  16. KJShover

    Why you hire Ninjas to play baseball
  17. E

    Clutch lever play

    The hydraulik clutch on my V-Max (2002) connects at the very last mm of the lever way. Is there a way to adjust the clutch mechanism so the the clutch catches in the middle on the lever movement ?? Any suggestions will be apreciated. elcondecharlie [email protected]
  18. KJShover

    Wanna play with the spider?

    pretty cool.
  19. Jayhawk

    Let's play VMax vs. New VMax

    VMax: New VMax:
  20. Robbarrie

    Anyone play guitar - Tabs places.

    I was just wondering if you play - where is your favorite place to get your tabs ? If you've never gone there check out 911TABS it's one that I really like. Keep rock'n:band: