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  1. timscues

    diode plug in harness

    is there a test or how can one tell if a diode in the harness under the tach has gone bad?
  2. G

    Spark plug boots

    My vmax is spark plug boots are in need of replacing. I have a good set from a 97 zx-10 Anyone know if there would be any issue using something like this or do I need to compare resistance on these other boots Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Vrooom

    Running rich? Does anyone recommend a different plug, I know it's not the plugs just

    Running: NKG-DPR8EA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. VmaxVboost

    Spark plug soaked in fuel, stuck slider?

    I have a 2000 Max with 73,000 miles on it, stock carbs, jets, and exhaust. For the last 4 months, it has been running as if one or two cylinders are not firing. At a red light, the idle will switch from perfect to a stutter (like a Harley), then back to perfect, within the same red light...
  5. P

    Puncture in tire.. Replace? Or Plug?

    Hey again, sorry if it seems like I'm hogging the forum. I'll try not to have any further concerns with my max, lol. So low and behold I spotted this on my rear tire. New tire? Or a plug will work ok? I'm kind of paranoid about the idea of a rear tire disintegrating from under me...
  6. 93max

    Would this cause a black plug? Dannymax and others

    Well my son was/is having issues with one cylinder breaking up. IE really fat/black sooty plug? Could this be the issue? I would think so but what do I know. That's why I'm asking people who do! What's different/missing from one of the carbs?
  7. V-Four

    Plug boot fail?..

    Anyone ever had a 'resistir boot' fail? Checked all wires for resistance..narrowed diwn to 1 boot that has infinate resistance. I know the factiry ones can be disassembled..but no luck here. And theyre only like 2 yr old..?.. Strange.. (Tho im no stranger to running in 3 cyl).. ;) :/...
  8. Holzer8657

    Oil plug stripped

    I stripped the oil drain plug today. Do you think I can heli coil it or should I get a new pan? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ectobass

    COPS (Coil Over Plug) - Brand New -SOLD-

    For a number of reasons I sold my 88 VMax a few months ago and discovered I had a brand new set of COPS that I completely forgot about. I think they were around $120 new so I will sell for $85 firm. I don't have the instructions that were sent with them but I am sure someone here can walk you...
  10. N

    COPS (Coli on Plug) in Australia

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone in Australia offers the COPS setup for Gen1 Vmax? My 88 max has been playing up lately... the usual kicking, bucking, surging etc.. Did the shotgun and rode it 2 weeks ago, it was running the best it ever has - so much so that at approx. 125km/h decided to...
  11. Miles Long

    Magnetic oil plug

    Anyone using one? If so, what is the total length? Better still - is anyone using an OEM final drive magnetic plug, as their oil sump plug? I have an extra, because of the venture Pumpkin that I purchased a few years ago. Looks to be the same thread diameter and pitch as the oil plug, I...
  12. Traumahawk

    WTF is a Plug Chop????

    Edited for content
  13. VMAXGUY88

    Plug torque?

  14. O

    Cops/ plug type / gap

    I know all this info is out there but... Can anyone help me with the recommended plug and gap when using cops with no resistors on an 85 electrical setup. Thanks.
  15. VMAX2006

    Number 2 cylinder spark plug

    Ok.. so after reading many issues on this forum.. the bulk of the issues can be resolved by cleaning the carbs. Now I have cleaned mine thoroughly twice.. every orifice and jet has been cleaned, the float valves were leveled off. I synced my carbs once I put them back on. Now the reason why i...
  16. L

    Ignitech installed and did Coil On Plug conversion.

    Tore the old Venture completely apart. Install the Ignitech on top of the now empty coil rack. Perfect fit between mounting ears. Made conversion wired for coils. Set the box for short dwell and one revolution before spark. Fired it over and runs pretty nice. Box is set for you Vmax guys. Have...
  17. 2

    What is this plug for under the left scoop. I found it un plugged and wrapped in tap

    Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  18. ManicVmaxMike

    Spark plug gap setting

    Does anybody know what the spark plug gap setting should be on a 2007 if you have a stage7 jet kit ?:bang head:
  19. ManicVmaxMike

    Stage7 plug gap setting.

    Does anyone know what the spark plug gap setting should be if you have a stage 7 tuned on 93 octane ? Thanks ahead of time for you help.
  20. Lotsokids

    Spark Plug Wire Set Option

    What do y'all think of these? Accel Extreme Heat. $45 on Ebay.