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  1. alorio1

    Thanks Rusty for the great job of polishing

    Just wanted to say thanks to Rusty here on the forum for the outstanding work he did polishing my parts on my old 85, all original except for paint, one owner bike, which will probably end up in a friends private collection of cars soon. The finished parts on the bike really does not do the...
  2. cgswss

    polishing the scoops

    I have an '97 with the high polish top and black bottom scopes. Despite Waxing them last year before storage and having the bike under a cover inside the garage over the winter, I have spots of corrosion on the scups. I looks like the high polish is covered with a clear coat and the clear coat...
  3. you2low

    More Bling Polishing

    Ok so i got my other fork done this afternoon and my brake arm and shock tops i got from Cycle One Off they just came with a Machine finish:bang head: Still have alot to polish on the max:bang head: The 2 mirrors in the pictures are chrome just laid them beside my parts i polished so you can see...
  4. shaneqt

    Alloy polishing

    Hi all. Anyone one got some good tips and or sites on polishing alloy parts to a mirror finish?
  5. A

    polishing air caps

    Just a short question. Could the Alloy air caps be polished like the are crome or is this alloy not suiteble therefor? Before I start spending a lot of elbow steam into this.....
  6. donnelly317

    polishing the aluminum

    Any help would be apreciated the guy that was suppposed to be polishing all my aluminum has had it for 2 weeks now and just told me he couldnt do it bc of the stock plating on most the parts... I tried a little scotch bright before and it came off pretty easy.. is that the only way pritty...
  7. bud7680

    wheel polishing

    :ummm:anyone polished their own stock wheels to a mirror like finish? what was the process, the materials used(sandpaper,waxes,etc.). Where did you get the materials and how did they turn out?:bang head:
  8. O


    I'm in the process of paint striping the engine. At the end I decided to do it my self rather than take it to the sand/soda blasters. A thought has occurred to me...has anyone ever tried to polish certain engine parts? Say the water pump cover or cam covers? Is the grade of aluminium able to...
  9. N

    painting and polishing

    Thought I would share some pics of my pieces I'm painting and polishing:eusa_dance: still have more to do like front forks
  10. Diablotin

    Polishing vs chroming

    Hi guys, Just wanted some opinion about polishing. I had my wheels polished about 1y ago but it keeps on getting oxidizing. It's not that bad but hand polishing is taking a lot of time and results are not amazing. Is there anyway to keep a clean mirror polish for a long time ? clear coat...
  11. N

    Polishing Stock rims?

    Hi Folks, Is it possible to polish the stock vmax alum rims like I'm polishing the scoops? I have a very small budget, but a lot of time this winter. Thanks, Eddie
  12. yukonerdave

    polishing engine

    The silver parts on my engine/cylinder case are all yellowed, and I would like to make them shine. Any suggestions? Should I sand them down with increasing grades of wet sandpaper? Can I use a polishing product on them? Can it be done without removing anything? Thanks a lot
  13. gunrunner

    Another polishing question .

    I polished my Yamaha emblem today off the front end today and considering that it looked like shit when i started it turned out not bad . Now im thinking the Scoops are next . Now i have researched the threads on this one and was wondering as a couple of Vmaxxers have done this using a sander...
  14. M

    Polishing Differential

    I am going to polish my differential. Also a backrest which will be for sale in the future Does anyone know if I can media blast it with walnut shells or plastic media or will this be too harsh or not enough? I prefer not to use chemicals. Also need some polishing attachments to fit in a...

    Polishing Diaphragm Covers

    Hello All While working on my carbs I mildly scratched the diaphragm covers moving them on the bench. I forgot to move the rag under them :doh: How do you go about polishing them back to normal? Has anyone had to do this? Sorry if this is the wrong spot to post this was...
  16. gunrunner

    Polishing up the Scoops

    Was just cleaning my bike and am wondering what and how to clean the scoops ? Are they aluminium or plastic coated ? What you recommend as would like it nice and shiny like my chrome .:ummm:
  17. M

    polishing kerker can.

    Anyone ever polish their 4-1 kerker canister? I did mine yesterday. I started with 220 grit, then 330, then 400, then 600 and finally 1000 then ran it through the buffer. It turned out just OK, I can still see the lines in the can from the manufacturing. Should I start with a more course...
  18. Maxedout

    Cylinder Head Polishing

    I want to polish the Aluminum on top of the cylinder heads? Is this possible to take them off w/o any detrimental effects? What are the torque pressures upon remounting? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  19. davidon


    Anyone recommend a good site that covers step by step the procedure. Got some parts backfrom polishing and if held in the light at a particular angle can see the surface micro scratches oriented in one way. Wondering if these are possible to take out and how to do it specifically.