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  1. R

    How to remove the gas tank question

    Hello fellow riders, I want to remove my gas tank some day and i saw here on this forum a "How to…" quide from Buster Hymen. The only problem is I don't get to see the pictures in this post. The only thing i see is small logo with . While on other posts i do see pictures. Can anyone help me...
  2. V

    Gen2 hardbag removal

    Just a little advice on removing these bad boys.They were on when I bought the bike and I have no experience with them..I tried removal on one bolt and it felt like there may be a nut buried somewhere in there as it turned but didn't loosen. I saw some plastic panels under tail section,which...
  3. jasncab

    Air tube removal

    Hi everyone. This might seem simple, but it has me stumped. I have a clymer, and have looked online. I cannot see to figure out how the '85 front fork air tube is to be removed. Trying to get the forks out, but the air tube that runs between the forks is stopping me. Does it just slide...
  4. C

    Gas tank removal

    Have discovered my gas tank has evidence of rust / crud in it so partial explanation of current rough running condition after major carb rebuild. Guessing that means gas tank removal. If I'm going to get to that stage is there a process for coating that members have had significant luck with...
  5. Conman

    Grip Removal Method (Without Damaging)?

    Just bought some heated grips and I currently have a brand new set of grips on. I'd like to get them off without doing any damage. The ends are closed and I don't want to hack off the ends to work a flat-head underneath. Any suggestions to make this quick & painless?
  6. N

    Flywheel Removal Help Please.....

    Hi All, new here, trying to desperately remove the flywheel on my '05 to access the starter-clutch issue. I have tried 3- different HD interior pullers and a hammer and even a torch on the center-shaft collar and NOTHING. I have beat it so hard I am afraid I am going to damage the shaft, any...
  7. P

    Stupid newbie antics - Sissy bar removal

    Hi. I just got a 1999 Vmax from a local dealer yesterday. Everything on the bike was just right - EXCEPT for the huge sissy bar. The damn thing just kills 50% of what the bike is supposed to be, to me at least. For solo riding I'd like to be without it - and pop it on again for occasional...
  8. D-Max2012

    Stock Muffler removal / Install

    Does anyone know of a video on removal / replacement of the stock muffler system, or is it one of those things that's so basic, no video is needed?? There are plenty of videos out there on replaced mufflers, and its new sound..
  9. Y

    Removal of bar ends with no Allen screw?

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to remove these bar ends? There is no screw at all to remove.
  10. A

    Starter removal??

    Does the starter pop right off the back or do you need to open the stator cover?
  11. Fire-medic

    rust removal methods experiment

    An interesting video, and he has others, too. Looks like the electrolysis works best, but vinegar does a good job too. Also, molasses, oxalic acid, citric acid, Evaporust, naval jelly, & industrial rust remover.
  12. S

    1996 V Max Seat Removal

    OK, so what am I missing? There's like....two videos in the world on removing the seat and on both of them the two screws are removed from the sides and poof, the seat just comes right off. Well not on mine. That sucker sure looks bolted on solid to me and before I do surgery I thought I better...
  13. Fire-medic

    citric acid rust removal

    Merry Christmas, I came across this article and it looks interesting. Something to try. As with any acid or alkaline solution, wear protective gear, especially eye protection, do the work outdoors, and closely monitor the progress. Many...
  14. racerboy

    Coil removal OMG!

    The rears were easy, the front?? Wow. So, has anyone tackled the fronts? It appears the best way to get to them is to remove the radiator and the coolant cap thingy and the plastic cover. Removing the air box does nothing. I want to install the COPS, but would rather remove the redundant...
  15. A

    Front/rear wheel removal

    Back in Feb, I walked into a Yamaha showroom looking for parts for my bike and walked out a few hours later with a 15 VMAX. I just loved the look of this bike and couldn't resist the impulse! But now that I've blown my budget for the year I think I am going to have to do some of the work myself...
  16. maxcruiser

    Rear wheel dampener removal

    Took my back wheel off today to do some work to it and noticed that one of the dampeners is no longer attached to the wheel. Two other dampeners, the inner steel sleeve have separated from the rubber. So I am going to have to change at least two dampeners. What is the best way to take them...
  17. C

    Starter Removal

    Does anyone know how hard it is to remove the starter? I just purchased a 1999 VMax with a starter issue. I'm not sure what it is, it sounds like a bendix spring (if they have one) in the starter, but the guy I bought it from said he had the left eng side cover off so I am thinking the starter...
  18. Zeus36

    New motorcycle helmet makes wearing and removal a snap

    Hinged helmet eliminates the chin strap and allows for better fit: Motorcycle helmets have evolved over the years to lightweight technological marvels of safety. According to the Insurance Institute for...
  19. Biker Dash

    Cobra Slash Cut Muffler Baffle Removal

    Looking at my Cobra Slash Cut mufflers, it looks like the baffles are just welded in from the outlet end. Single weld, as seen in this image It would be nice if they could be removed. Is it just this one weld per muffler that holds the baffle inside the can? I would very much like to be...
  20. caseyjones955

    Scoop & Side cover paint removal.

    I'm pretty sure I saw a wright-up on polishing the faux scoops and side covers but I really cant find it. Not even sure it was here. I don't want to polish them, not looking for any extra gloss. I'm only interested in removing the OEM paint from these trim pieces that are partially painted...