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  1. The Chicken Man

    My New Bike is a Flamethrower!

    Alright so hi everyone! If you're bored and wanna read about my bike I gave you all the back story. If you just wanna skip to my question scroll to the bottom. Backstory of my bike: I bought my Vmax (1989) about a week ago from a private party as a none runner, how I buy all my bikes. Story...
  2. Vrooom

    Running rich? Does anyone recommend a different plug, I know it's not the plugs just

    Running: NKG-DPR8EA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. drdyno

    I'm almost there!!!!!!

    I'm an experienced drag racer and motorcycle collector, but I am absolutely new to V-motors. I'm looking for a carb tip from some forum pro which I will appreciate greatly... but first a little more background. I decided I just HAD to have this beautiful red 2005 like MINT with 4000 mi...
  4. H

    V max running rich

    My 1985 v max is run nine rich on all 4 checked float heightz all are OK new main jets cleaned all other jets and carbs air filter is clean balanced carbs set air mixture screws 2and a half for from the and rear bike idles OK but just smells rich all plugs are sooty not sure where to look now...
  5. K

    Stinking Rich.

    I'm not unfortunately, but my bike is. I noticed that my '86 smelled a little rich at idle. I decided to turn in the air/fuel mix screws to lean it out a little. I turned them all the way in and immediately noticed that on three of the carbs there was little effect, it still continued to run on...

    Running Rich

    My 98 vmax is running rich as I can smell unburned fuel. And the guy bought it from said it had constant v boost it has k&n pods and 4 into 1. The problem is after I come in town it wants to stall but I can keep it going after some spitting and a back fire up from the carbs. If I go back out...
  7. Fire-medic

    collect military equipment, become rich!

    Here's something I bet surprised the new owner: "Open my diesel tank for a big surprise!":eusa_dance::eusa_dance::punk::clapping::surprise::thumbs up: I hope it's true.
  8. Conman

    New Exhaust Carb Tuning Issues

    So I'm taking the plunge into carb tuning. They've always been sort of a black magic to me, but its getting frustrating running with the current setup...... Anyways, I had Danny rebuild the carbs last spring and they came back like this: Jets #90, #170, #155 main Stg 7 needles on 3rd clip...
  9. E

    VMAX running rich, stage1 kit

    Hi i purchased a VMAX, that had previously been set up with an aftermarket exhaust. Now the original is back on and its running a bit rich. Engine running cold and poor milage. Should i return the original pilot air screws? What main jet size would be recommended for kn filter with airbox...
  10. a113ycat

    Nice too rich for me but....

    NOT my sale but Under 14K for an 09 with really low miles.
  11. Lotsokids

    Running Excessively Rich

    I've only ridden my 1999 V-Max only a few times since purchasing it recently. When I shut it down, I notice a strong fuel smell. Fuel is running out of a couple of my 4 exhaust pipes. The good thing is I can identify which carbs are the problem. There is no fuel leaking from any other area...
  12. J

    Lean vs rich

    Well, the saga continues, so I decided to take my freshly carb synced bike to work this morning, it is a balmy 36 degrees here in PA, so I rode most of the way with the choke on at least a little. The bike did get to just above the cold line, but barely. I had to keep it choked or it would bog...
  13. dekberg

    Rich at idle, good at 3-7k RPM

    Max is running extremely rich when idling but leans out around normal running/riding RPM 3000 - 7000 RPM. Any suggested fixes? Thanks, Darren
  14. C

    Running rich?

    Earlier while riding around town on my 2000 'Max, I came to a stop at a red light next to an older couple on a great hulking behemoth of a Harley Roadking and the guy riding yelled something at me. I flipped up my shield, asked him to repeat himself, and he yelled "YOU NEED TO CLEAN YER'...
  15. tothemax93

    Tax the rich Well worth watching. It gives you a real perspective on the amount of money being spent, and why we can't survive with these policies.
  16. Rusty McNeil

    I found my heavily rich problem, I think

    Went through the carbs again last night to have a look and change some jetting and think I found a problem causing my heavy rich issue at idle and up. Underneath the jet block there is anl o-ring that goes around the brass tube that the needle slides in to. There is a sligh bevel on the back...
  17. P

    runnin rich

    my vmax is completely standard apart from a few handleing and braking mods i have a full kerker exhaust system and i think it is running slightly rich any idea i am new to the vmaxs so i have no idea
  18. Y

    Rich on cylinder number 4

    Just like that i fouled a plug on cylinder number 4 (front right.) was running fine and is noticably missing at idle, carbs are synced, good fuel. Kind of at a loss. any help would be great. Thanks Jeremy
  19. mattmullins

    found out why i was running so rich

    Have the morey muscle kit dales 4-2 pipes didn't matter what jet it was always 11-12 % on air fuel mix so put in the 177.5 put in the 165 dj mains runing richer, so started looking at the float level thats fine in the carbs while running gas comin out the needle so replaced oring on the needle...
  20. Rusty McNeil

    Tax the rich, they don't pay enough?? 46% of filing house holds are paying ZERO? Class warfare at it's finest, and the public is buying it.