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  1. jasncab

    Front forks rough - how much spacer is normal?

    Hi everyone. Redid my front forks. Followed the Clymer and Sean's videos as far as fluid. '85 stock forks. 1. Are the stock springs tapered at the top? (they look like a progressive spring would. Is that stock)? 2. How much spacer sticks out from top? Unloaded how much spacer is out at the...

    Rough start!!!

    Can anyone tell me why this thing is sound like it's grinding ? Just replaced the starter so WTF??? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  3. N

    COPS (Coli on Plug) in Australia

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone in Australia offers the COPS setup for Gen1 Vmax? My 88 max has been playing up lately... the usual kicking, bucking, surging etc.. Did the shotgun and rode it 2 weeks ago, it was running the best it ever has - so much so that at approx. 125km/h decided to...
  4. Poolio

    Running rough

    Drove 60+ miles bike ran fine. Left a friends and took off quick, bike started running rough and sounding different. Gonna pull plugs in a bit. Anything obvious I should look for before I over think it?
  5. D

    Rough Idle HELP!!!!!!!

    ok guys i ve posted a few times before on here about this problem and ive done everything i have read on here. (get to that in a sec) i have a 2000 vmax stock except delkevic slip ons. whats happening is after the bike gets warm and everything is on ie turn signal, fan, high beam, etc the bike...
  6. S

    running rough

    Hi The problem started at the end of last year , was forced to park it early. so here it is , Its 1993 and the bike seems to run fine then cuts out or sputters as if running on 2 cylinders then cuts back in running fine then back to running rough . It goes from being fine to...
  7. M

    Vmax running rough at steady throttle

    Bike runs rough at steady throttle. Seems bad at any steady speed almost like it's missing or cutting out.. Just had bike at shop for this problem they dyno'd it and jetted it and did carb sync. Told me to come get it but still same issue... Any ideas? Morleys jet kit Kerker pipe V boost...
  8. motox909

    rough idle and low rpm fixed

    I've been fighting with a rough idle for a long time and read all the posts about this on the forum. When the bike gets past the "normal" operating temp...close to the red but never overheating it would run rough and sometimes stall at lights and intersections...not good or safe! I received...
  9. L

    Bike won't run without choke. Rough Idle

    Hello All, I am new to the site, and I love it so far. Everyone is very helpful. I am having a pretty serious problem with my 91 Vmax. I am assuming it is a fuel or air issue, or both. The bike will not start without the choke, cold or warm. It will idle, but only with the choke on. As...
  10. V

    rough idle after running at temp

    i have a 1998 that iv'e owned since far i have flushed the coolant and made sure there were no bubbles in the system, changed the oil to mobil 1 synthetic, checked the thermostat and changed the plugs....basically what happens is, the bike starts without a problem, usually no choke, it...
  11. Norway Max

    Running rough...

    Hello guys! I've finally put my 88 MAX back together, and it's been running good since i calibrated the carbs. Yesterday i was out riding, after a hard accellereration, it started to sputter. I drove it back home, and found that i didn't run on the aft cylinder on the right side. Did the...
  12. B

    07 runnig rough

    Hi all I have a 07 vmax that is spitting and sputtering when I try to maintain any speed. Doesn't do it when accelerating or at idle.
  13. ridinnoshiftin

    Going to be a rough day in court

    Here is an interesting article. Note the clocked speed in the RAIN! And people wonder why so many bikes are being dumped this year. Maybe he will get some money from the tire company for excellent high speed wet traction:punk:. Todd Motorcyclist clocked going 193 mph on NY highway...
  14. huskyman510

    runnin rough as, help anyone?

    Hi all vmaxers, fairly new to the vmax I have a gen 1 88mod. When I first got bike crackled and popped for first 10-15min of riding then all ok, did this every time I went for a ride. Did the shotgun, back together ran worse. Decided to pull out all carbs and service, cleaned up good, did notice...
  15. Barry barker

    Life is rough

    It sure is hard on these dogs!!
  16. M

    Terible rough or lumpy from 1500-2000 rpm. Please help video inside

    I'm not sure what is wrong with my vmax. I have adjusted the valves, cleaned the carbs, synced the carbs, new plugs and wires. It will idle just fine and runs above 2000RPM perfect. Now driving around town is just horrible because it wants to run so rough and lumpy from 1500-2000 rpm. Once past...
  17. acammer

    OE Carbon Fiber tins - to paint, or trade for rough tins to paint

    Well, I pretty much knew from the get go that I would be doing paint on this bike at some point, and as I'm starting to line up what I want to do, I'm trying to decide if I should just use my OE carbon fiber tins, or if those are rare/special enough to bother trading them plus some cash for some...
  18. train460

    85 hot and rough

    Ok. wifes 85. with cobra pipes, bout stock with some cosmetics. well since we put this bike back on the road from a 12+ year hiatus. Well the bike, since we have had it runs hot. hotter than mine that is. also. we have also had the, Hot, at idle problem that it wants to sputter. only at idle...
  19. Ebein_486

    Engine Stall / rough idle with fan on.

    Driving home yesterday ( beautiful 80 degree sunny day ) in stop and go traffic :bang head:. The bike stalled out 3 times just comming off idle along with rough idle. I was flipping my fan switch on and off as the bike heated up, and it seemed to only be a problem when the temp guage was...
  20. A

    Rough Idle - Arching HT Caps

    Got a bit of a problem...I have a 2003 Max 2500 miles on the clock and a real minter. Suffering the hot engine idle problem. Did a bit of research and was convinced it was the ususl HT caps leaking current. This was confirmed when returning from a ride I let the engine tickover and lo and be...