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  1. P

    Bike sat for a week...

    I've only owned this bike for roughly a month and have riding it every day. The weather turned to crap, so I didn't ride it for the last week. I turned the key and the fuel pump did a rapid click for a good 5 seconds. Normally it does a slow click for about 2-3 seconds. Does this mean the...
  2. The Beekeeper

    Mi Hooligan ride Sat Aug 23rd

    Thinking about a Travers type of ride, meet for breakfast early and head north, open for suggestions on route/destination...........................Tom.
  3. Fire-medic

    Sat. May 17 in N.E. Florida-vintage show

    If you're in NE FL on Sat. May 17, you better be here: St. Augustine FL Riding into History Concours d’Elegance Saturday, May 17, 2014, 10am-4pm The Councours d’Elegance is again held at the WGV. As always,no entry fee for qualified motorcycles...
  4. CaptainKyle

    my sat morning

    Well I skipped going to see a good band that I had free tickets to because a friends wife ask me to cook for his birthday. I been up since 4 am baby sitting the smoker. Oh what
  5. NHVmaxpower

    Sat July 13 Cookout/ride New Hampshire

    :punk:We are having a cookout on Sat July 13th . I am thinking leaving in the am for a ride to Mnt Washington auto road or where ever then come back here for the cookout. I know some of you will be driving a ways to get here so if you want you can pitch a tent or grab a hotel or blow up a air...
  6. radar-4460

    Tennessee ride sat or sun

    Gonna leave out of Mcminnville about 8am and head to the dragon if anybody wants to go.
  7. The Beekeeper

    Michigan Sat April 14th

    I would like to put together an all day ride for Sat April 14th, no route picked as of yet, I was thinking of taking a head count of those interested and pick something centrally located to everyone in attendence, this is not for Mi riders only and everyone is invited, suggestions are more than...
  8. Firewrench

    Sat for 2 years, won't run...

    Thought you might like to see what sitting for a couple of years will do for ya. I found this in the air cleaner on a 1983 V-65 Magna. Fully 2/3 of is completely blocked off. Lot's of nuts in the lower air cleaner box too. In addition, the clutch was dry as a bone, cleaned the master reservoir...
  9. Buster Hymen

    Port Perry on Sat April 25th

    Was anyone on here up in Port Perry on the weekend at the outside patio bar by the lake? I saw a black VMax parked outside bu didn't have a forum business card with me to put on the bike. I didn't think scratching into the tank cover was appropriate! :biglaugh:
  10. D

    Thunder VMOA Sat. nite dinner

    I'm not a member of the VMOA but I'd like to stop in and look at the Maxes at the Saturday night VMOA dinner. Does anyone know where it's at?
  11. Y

    Poker Run, Sat., 9/29

    This is for a husband and wife that used to work for me and they have BOTH developed cancer: Benefit & Poker Run for Harley and Chris Matheny Sept. 29th American Legion (312 Broadway St., Colona, IL) Check in from 11am-1pm Route: American Legion-Colona, IL Blue Port Junction-Davenport...
  12. 4gasem

    The GPS thread (Sat Nav & Speed Detector, Garmin & Tom Tom etc.)

    I don't think I need to explain what the subject matter should be in this thread. By placing all GPS info in one thread it will make it easier to do a search for it later. Just wondering what ya'll are using out there on the Max or in your car. I just purchased a Garmin Zumo 550 which...
  13. 82ndCowboy

    Spring Thunder Sanford, FL Sat 3/31/07

    I'm going to Spring Thunder sometime on Saturday to see the Monsters @ 6pm. I might go again to see Little Texas on Sunday also. Give me a shout if anyone else is interested in going and we can meet up. :punk: