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  1. jimvette999

    Seafoam rebate till end of March

    Hey guys, you can get a whole $6 back on the purchase of 3 cans of Seafoam now till end of March. Buy it at the place of your choice then photo, scan, or mail the receipt...they'll send you a Visa Card worth $6 or $12 of you buy six cans.....better than nuttin. Jim...
  2. 93max

    Can one use too much Seafoam?

    Well 1.5 weeks ago I put her away running great! I've been bragging on it and everything. Before I left for vacation I put Seafoam in the tank. Unfortunately me being the idiot I am, I poured it in without measuring . Soooooo today, I go to take her for a rip go into the garage put the choke...
  3. BigJimi

    Seafoam Question

    I put Seafoam in fresh gas the other day and I notice that if the bike is sitting and i rev it up it smokes a little, anyone else have that issue with the seafoam? Thanks
  4. D

    Seafoam or clean?

    Yesterday I changed the oil, tuned brake lines, got my rear tire shipped in, and decided to tackle a bit of carb diagnosis. As it turns out, the right two vgas carbs were about 3k rpm worth of slack separate from the left side... so I adjusted the left side to match the right and now they...
  5. N

    Seafoam+shotgun carb cleaning= Wow!

    Never had her run so good! I did the shotgun cleaning method I saw on here, and used b12 chemtool, and 100psi. I added seafoam to the gas tank, and also sprayed it (did you know it comes in aerosol form too?) in the carbs with the bike running as I throttled it up to keep it from dying. After...
  6. R

    Seafoam alternative. CRC?

    Hi, Seafoam is not available here, but I find another product that looks similar It costs about $10 here Does anyone have any experience with it? Thanks
  7. Karmakatt


    Hi fellas- Once again I can't use the search function on my phone but I'd like to add some Seafoam to my tank. I had my Carbs cleaned and jetted a few months ago when I installed Jon's (RIP) Slash Cuts. She ran awesome but currently she seems a little more weak than usual.. The can says it...
  8. K

    Too much seafoam?????!!!

    So I have been having some problems with my charging system and bought a new battery, hooked it up, all works, blah blah blah. Well, as I was waiting for battery to charge overnight, I poured a whole can of seafoam in my tank (its the ONLY thing I have done). Now it is morning and I went out to...
  9. 1

    Seafoam or Snake oil

    I looked at a can of seafoam at kragen and was surprised to see that they do not list anything of what it's made of usually they are petrollium distiliates says you can use it in motor oil and just about everything else sure makes you wonder.
  10. BOOST

    Seafoam miracle????

    Just got my '97 VMax out of a dealership 8K service. The bike was experiencing a strange hesitaion at about 3500 rpm. At slow speeds the bike ran relatively correct. But once I got it up to highway speed it experienced this odd thing. I could hear the left pipe ( Supertrapps) smooth and clear...
  11. jwood


    I have used SeaFoam for the past year in the fuel tank, has anyone used it the crankcase in the Vmax? Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk
  12. medicineman843


    Hi, i've been using seafoam in my gas tank because my idle was a little off sitting most of the winter. Its really helped so far, I can tell a difference. Was wondering if i should use a spray bottle and spray into my k/n filter to the carbs or directly into the carbs?. And or put it into the...
  13. 4gasem

    Pulled bike out of storage...

    So I went over to the parental units house and grabbed the max out of the basement. I took a short video of me starting it for the first time. I believe this is the first video of the bike. It's just an iPhone video so it's not the best but it works. Ok so the sissy bar is off now as my wife...
  14. trentsee

    Seafoam Question.

    Hey guys I did a search and couldn't find any info on the usage of SEAFOAM.I bought some this weekend and put an ounce in my tank after it sat all winter.I'm just wondering how often you are supposed to use it and how much each time.Thanks!!p.s I did read here somewhere to use an ounce by the...

    How do you add Seafoam

    I'm about to add my Seafoam becasue tomorrow my bike is going into heated storage for the winter, any suggestions on the best way to do it and how much to use? how do you measure it? Thanks Ron
  16. zippo6

    Carb Cleaning + Seafoam

    My bike runs like shite at low RPM once hot, I plan to shotgun the carbs but want to know if it would be advisable or NOT to pull the airbox and pour Seafoam directly into each carb before trying anything? Pro or cons to doing this? Bike running or not?
  17. ghostntheshell

    Seafoam went up in $$$ locally!

    I bought a can of seafoam last year for 8 dollars. Went to the same store this year and it's now 15 bucks. Hard to find in Ontario. Napa carries it here I know. I think some car quests do too. How much are YOU paying for your seafoam? ________ hemp marijuana
  18. KJShover

    Seafoam vs. Star tron

    A friend of mine popped over today while I was working on my bike. We got to discussing various snake oils, such as Seafoam, Stabil, Marvil's Mystery Oil when he brought up Star Tron. Star Tron aparantly does the same thing as Seafoam but better, I looked it up and here is what it had to say...
  19. S


    Got some seafoam to attempt and fix the backfiring issue. After searching and much reading the posts, I am reading different methods on how much to use, where to pour it, etc. What is the recommended use? 1/3 of a can in the tank? Entire can in the tank? Some in the carbs? Wanting to soak...
  20. vmaxinID

    how much seafoam for winter

    How much seafoam do yall put in a full tank for winter storage?