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  1. rebeltaz83

    Thinking about selling

    I have a 97 with 23,000 miles. 4 to 1, passenger backrest, engine guards. Ride ready, new rear tire about 5 months ago. And I have a 96 non running clean title, with brand new tires, passenger backrest. I got it to crank over but it needs carbs which I have, just haven't got around to rebuilding...
  2. Eugene Brad

    85 thinking about selling

    Thinking I might sell the 85. My lady is strongly suggesting I don't need two vmax's. Part of me says "what does she know?" And part says "she's probably right" so I'll take offers on the 85. It does have a second gear issue. Slips out around 6500 rpm. Feels like a brief loss of traction then...
  3. K

    Exactrep selling 20.5 ltr tank

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but they are selling a new tank that looks like you dont have do too much modding to get the extra 5.5 ltrs. $550

    Most likely selling my 2015 Vmax in Spring

    I bought it in April last year, I doubt I even put 50 miles on it. Anyone interested before Spring contact me. it has under 2070 miles on it in, perfect contrition. $14,500 OBO
  5. naughtyG

    Selling my Vmax

    just a heads up to let you all know my Vmax is now for sale. :confused2: I just can't enjoy it here like I did in the US of A - we don't have the roads and I've just got myself too many run ins with the local law and their stoopid money making cameras.:bang head::bang head::bang head: So I...
  6. ricko

    Selling my 85

  7. T

    Thinking of selling

    Hi. It has been quite some time since I have been here. I am thinking of selling my 1997 VMAX. It is a 1500cc tourmaster with flatslides. I think it was dynod at 170 some HP. It is fast and clean. Just wondering what kind of price I should look to ask for it.
  8. Hellboy

    Sad day, selling.

    Unfortunately, My dog has been sick for a while and cost us a fair bit of money. We got home from the Vet again today with worse news and It's either put him down or come up with another chunk of green. It looks like I'm going to put The Max up for sale tomorrow. I hate to do it, especially...
  9. D

    Considering selling for a CBR Blackbird

    Opinions? I love the vmax but I'd like fuel injection and fairings. Honest opinions? I wouldn't take any less than 3750 for the Vmax if I did sell it because I do love it and feel it's worth about that with the new rims.
  10. eggohead

    anyone selling a Vmax for under $3000

    I have a buddy that is looking for a bike. He doesn't care too much of what kind. I know he would love the Vmax. Looking in the Virginia, N.C, or MD area...
  11. rebeltaz83

    Worth selling oem vmax parts

    i bought a 97 vmax, and the po gave me all the oem parts he took off..... is it worth selling that stuff?? or would it be good to keep them so if i ever decide to sell it, i have that stuff to go with it? i have stock black mufflers stock windshield stock seat foam, no cover stock grab bar
  12. maxist

    Selling my Vmax

    Unfortunately I have to sell my Vmax due to recent events in my life (divorce). I have enjoyed this forum a lot and have enjoyed my Vmax even more. I have found the people on this forum to be stand up people and I appreciate the help every one has given me over the years. I want to give a big...
  13. thundermax

    Selling Bike From CL to Out of State Buyer

    Selling a bike off Craigslist. Out of state buyer has to go to his bank to get a loan and the cash. He asked me for VIN# to give to bank for loan. Asking those with experience or may know: Any harm to me to give VIN# to him?
  14. rusty

    re selling your goods/U won't believe this :damn angry: :double angry bird::ranting:
  15. _MaXiPaD_

    Selling my ZX-6R for a 1st Gen Max (maybe)

    Hey everyone. This is my first post on the VMaxForum. >>>Skip down to the arrows if you want to avoid reading my sob story lol So, I've been buying and selling motorcycles like its going out of style. Within 4 years, I've gone through 4 bikes. I started out with a standard bike, moved...
  16. cgswss

    a New gun that I'm sure Todd will be selling
  17. C

    Honest selling tactics..... I am going to go buy this in a heartbeat! Stock exhaust and mufflers! That tons of these bikes seem to have! He is at a decent price in my opinion, but don't lie about things. Limited production, bogus dyno numbers! I think if...
  18. dmax1

    The selling of america

    This is how it starts F...... politicians. :bang head:
  19. 88vmx12

    what is he selling?

    I found myself laughing after seeing the pictures.. Laughing :rofl_200: What is he selling the backrest or the damn little alien figurines :rofl_200...
  20. zippo6

    Thinking of selling my Max....

    yup, started having the thought today..... here's why... My, now ex, wife and I have separated, I had enough of her shit and told her to leave. She's moving to NFLD in September, which leaves me with a house, mortgage all the bills.... but most importantly, 3 of my kids (we have 4). I realized...