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  1. Lotsokids

    Delkevic Slip-On Exhaust - $200 + Shipping -SOLD-

    This Delkevic system was installed on my bike when I purchased it. I don't know much else. It's a very good alternative to stock. They sound good. These are slip-ons that attach directly to the stock down-pipes. It also has a bumper stop for the center stand (seen in pictures). Send me a PM with...
  2. Conman

    Driving Abroad- Shipping, Insurance, Etc.

    This summer I'll be in Germany for 3 months. I'm looking to bring my Stratoliner with me and was wondering if anyone here has done this before. I'm planning to fly it with air Canada's "bring your bike" program out of Toronto. Looks like it'll be about $2k round trip for the bike and I'm still...
  3. bikedave99

    OEM Backrest & Bracket - $150 + Shipping -SOLD-

    OEM Backrest and Bracket. Good shape, a little oxidized, but would polish up fine. Fabric is in good shape. I do not have the original bolts that connect the backrest to the base, but can include some black philips screws. $150 plus shipping.
  4. bikedave99

    OEM Taillight - Free + Shipping

    OEM Taillight. Free plus shipping.
  5. bikedave99

    Passenger Seat - $5 + Shipping

    Passenger seat that started working on re-shaping/foaming but ended up getting a different pillion seat with another bike. Includes everything seen. Should be able to cut the neoprene out of the seat and glue back original foam if you want. Or just take it for the base piece for a whole new...
  6. bikedave99

    Centerstand H/W - Free + Shipping

    I think this is all center stand h/w. Just pay shipping.
  7. marsmax85

    shipping to the UK

    How long should it take for a box containing a gen II rear stiletto to make to the Uk . It was sent the cheaper way usps . :bang head: Thanks Jamie (Mars)
  8. northjax

    OEM Backrest $285 + shipping

    Going with a different setup, sissy bar is in great shape w/no pitting. Pad is also in good shape, small spot was touched up. Shipping from 23455.
  9. S

    International shipping needed

    I'm after a pair of mufflers but the seller wont ship to Australia. Would one of you guys be able to receive them and then ship them down to me ? Obviously I'll cover ya costs plus a bit extra for your trouble. Many thanks.
  10. Redbone

    Great Lakes Shipping - Unrelenting Ice

    To those that may be interested or live near the Great Lakes, the shipping season has kicked off rather slowly due to heavy ice. On Lake Superior ice is ~12' thick in the windrows and is generally 4'-6' in all areas. Three icebreakers were able to break through and skirt along the Canadian...
  11. Chopcor

    Shipping a bike?

    Ok guys, I need some recommendations for a reputable, safe shipping method/carrier to get my new to me 2010 Vmax from Chicago area to NE PA... Any ideas? It doesn't need to happen today, since it looks like it's gonna be June before we see the grass again, but I'm anxious to get it home, lol...
  12. naughtyG

    3 rotors with free shipping under $250!

    not bad! Waddya all reckon? Whole set - front and rear - inc shipping! :clapping:
  13. Lotsokids

    International Motorcycle Shipping - Suggestions?

    Hi y'all. I'm back - It's been a while. I was in a horrible car crash on December 19 that almost killed me. My jaw was shattered and multiple skull fractures. It's a long story, but I'm healing well. My wife keeps saying I should ship my V-Max from Tacoma, Washington to Hungary where I live...
  14. zxjim

    shipping a bike from canada to chicago

    I was curious as to whether anyone has any is in New Brunswick and going to Chicago...can get bike to windsor fairly cheap but getting it across border is the trick...was thinking of bringing back myself but not is an 82 Katana bought for next to nothing...thanks...
  15. rebar

    Good vehicle shipping transport companies.

    I bought a van out of state and even though the owner has agreed he would store the van for a month so I can get a cheaper plane ticket.. I'm still wondering if a Vehicle Shipping and transport company would be a better choice as I don't need to see the vehicle. Its paid and mine. I know its...
  16. Lugan

    Engine Shipping options?

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice and experiences shipping a motor within the US (from IL to CA). Individual to individual. I've read that one method is strap the engine to a wooden skid and there are companies that take it from there... Any good/ bad experiences you could share? The motor is a...
  17. tothemax93

    Shipping from China

    I've been thinking of ordering some things from China. The shipping cost is listed, but then they state that there may be customs processing and additional charges. I don't want to get burned by some suprise fee. Anybody have experience with shipping from China, good or bad?
  18. T

    Free Shipping through the end of September

    Hello Vmax riders! Hope you're tearing up some asphalt this summer. Just a quick note to let you know several Vmax parts are on sale - as well as free FedEx ground shipping through the end of September!
  19. alorio1

    Cheapst price on Odyssey PC680 Battery on Ebay/w Free shipping

    For anyone needing a new battery here ya go $119.99; Cheapst price Odyssey PC680 Battery on Ebay/w Free shipping.............
  20. D

    Bike Shipping

    Aloha Boyz, Newbe here...I want to ask for some info. I have sold my Goldwing to a guy on the mainland & need to ship it to Michigan. Does anyone know of a shipping company that ships bikes? I tryed to tell the guy to let me ship to Cali & he ride to Mich but so far he said NO, just ship to me...