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  1. TB99Max

    Drilled slides??

    Does someone have a picture of a drilled slide, or can you tell me where it would be drilled? Thanks!
  2. maleko89

    New option to replacing slides/rubbers

    I was reading one of my many moto-magazines and there was a question on what to do when a replacement slide was not available. The first option was replacement rubbers which most of you are already familiar with. The second option was to use Loctite roofing sealant. It sounds like others have...
  3. AdieP

    V-Gas Flat Slides

    Hi Anyone got a set of UFO V-Gas Flatslides and scoops there looking to off load in time for Christmas? :eusa_dance:
  4. Traumahawk

    Drill Bit size

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  5. Traumahawk

    Plastic piece in slides

    On the plastic piece that fits on the needle, there is a small little tit that fits into the slide. When you do anything with the needles, you have to rotate the needle, until that nipple falls into place on the slide. Everyso often, i will tend to break the nipple off of the plastic piece...
  6. tothemax93

    Slides clattering

    Just tonight, I romped on the bike and in the lower RPMS (up to about 5000 RPMS) the slides were clattering considerably. hasn't done it before. did it twice tonight. Is that a sign of anything in particular. I'm kinda chalking it up to the temps bumping 90 and humid. I havent changed anything...
  7. Mr. Max

    New carb slides

    So I need new slides, old are so full of scratches that it can't be good! But is there any place to get them a little cheaper than Yamaha dealer? Also wondering of full carbs rebuild, maybe should take the whole set to a dealer.. But what you guys think, should I install some jet kit like stage...
  8. D

    Vmax carby slides

    Have not had anything to do with Vmax carbs before Had the bike sitting around for some time,cleaned out tank, fuel lines,new filter and had carbs fully cleaned and checked out.All 4 slides are free of any gum,all move freely by hand. Syncronizing the carbs is not happening as planned.On idle...

    Sean, your slides

    Hey Sean, I just spoke to Charlie and he said he had problems getting the new slides to seal properly and didn't want to put silicon on them in case he doesn't use then in the final install. Now he has it back to stock with the exception of the slides and has noticed a big difference. He...

    To Drill or not to Drill (Slides) and other stuff

    I bought my Muscle Jet Kit to go with my Marks 4-2 exhaust. I am close in my tuning procdures but I have yet to do all of the steps as suggested by Sean. I was leary on drilling the slide because of negative info I found on this site. So I did a search, I talked to Sean, and I come up with...
  11. Flash

    Anyone fitted 40mm Mikuni flat slides?

    I have 40mm Mikuni flat slides on my max. wondering if anyone else has fitted these and what jet size and stack length they used? To be more specific the carbs are: TDMR40-D30
  12. Reved

    Drilled slides being replaced with undrilled slides

    I have a Dyno jet stage 1 kit on my bike. I notice that one of the slides was drilled very sloppy. I bought a set of carbs off ebay with a set of stock slides. I want to put the undrilled slides back in the bike . What adjustment should I make for this change. Thanks guys.
  13. M

    Need help, Pilot air jet under the slides

    Ok, I need help understanding something. I bought a dynojet jet kit and installed it. It said if I had a stumble in the mid range then to change the pilot air jet. It said to use the DJ150. Anyway to me it looks like the stock jet is bigger. I always thought when a bigger jet is used then it...