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  1. Bill Seward

    Snow sucks..

    Bright sunshine while I snowblowed the driveway before a trip to Christmas Dinner.. 4 hours later, I had 18" or more in the driveway, and the road wasn't touched by a plow. 4 good snow tires and a Kia Soul got me down the road into the garage without problem. I'll do the driveway sometime...
  2. Fire-medic

    Snow still on the ground?

    Go to Miami for the weekend music festival, Ultra.
  3. frank5079

    With all the snow that we got...

    I would love to ride one of these!!!
  4. Itgoes


  5. HyperPete

    "Genius" WalMart employee shovelling snow...

    Words escape me...
  6. kchandler

    Ice and snow in Louisiana

    This morning at work, this fool in a big truck fubars as he flies past us and scares the trooper that was in front. There were lots more fools on the road this morning but I just by chance caught this one while filming the trooper sliding around.:clapping:
  7. dingy

    Snow Rollers in Ohio

    There are hundreds of these in at a soccer field I went by today at lunch. They are somewhat rare, conditions need to be in a tight range of several parameters for them to form. There are trails behind them where they rolled across ground. It was about 34 deg. F. over the weekend at times...
  8. J

    Will you ride till snow comes down

    I have two questions for my VMAX family: 1. What is your cold weather calendar limit of riding? I know some guys mark Thanksgiving as the official time to get the StaBill in the tank and Carbs. My friend Jeff for instance is a good biker, but only rides in 80 degree dry ice cream cone...
  9. Bill Seward

    Almost here (pay no attention to the snow...)

    Got the insurance bought for this year a couple days ago, and I just got the registrations for the Max, Roadie, and Burgman done online. OK, where's the warm weather. My damn sewer vent on the roof froze up........ Oh yeah, I joined VMOA a couple minutes ago!
  10. 2fear

    A little snow

    First snow flurries in West Michigan We got our first dusting of the white stuff today! I'm sure more is on the way real soon....:snow:
  11. kaboom

    F&$^&!@*%^ snow!!!!

    :damn angry:
  12. Frosty72

    Snow removal anyone?
  13. 9

    More @#$% SNOW

    Looks like those of us up here in the northeast are going to get hammered again. National Weather Service is calling for 12-18" from Thursday to Friday morning. I am getting the feeling that my Friday morning flight from Newark to St. Martin is not going to happen. Shit! Murphy's Law in...
  14. K

    Snow Ride

    With the temps currently in the mid 30's, just got back taking the VMax for a 12 mile ride "snow ride" here in mid-Michigan. BRrrrrr ! :damn angry: Once snows on the ground, I like to at least start the engine and let it warm to proper operating temp once a month or take a short ride whenever...
  15. 88vmx12

    Sean how much snow?

    So how much snow did you get from the last storm? Or are you still shoveling? Nebraska Got Hammered!!!! Scooter

    SNOW! Birds

    It snowed pretty good last night and still is here in the north east. My mom used to think we all come back as birds. When you think about it, there are quite a lot of them... anyway we feed em. Here's what was on one of our feeders today. A Red Headed Wood Pecker
  17. 4gasem

    Video of me testing out the Blizzak Snow tires

    Proves that with the right tires the RWD G8 with it's 50/50 weight distribution is a performance machine in the snow as well. We got ice and snow yesterday, last night and this morning. We may have 5 or 6 inches total. Nothing compared to what KJ gets and see's I'm sure... I had BOTH hands on...
  18. ghostntheshell

    Ain't no snow yet!

    Gonna try to get 300kms in this season before the white stuff falls! Be back in a few hours :D
  19. naughtyG

    Beware of snow shoveling scam

    Considering this week's weather forecast, this is a very timely warning. We consider these warnings a Public Service Announcement. BEWARE OF SNOW SHOVELING SCAM It will be snowing again soon and I wanted to warn you of this latest scam. You should be on the lookout for this pair in...
  20. shawn kloker

    snow slammed!

    We are getting slammed here in western Pa.About a foot of snow and then freezing rain all night.I love it!