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  1. frank5079

    Can you guys identify this speedo and tach?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1To9EwSIDE I like that!!!
  2. odieoh24

    top speed V1.1 speedo healer

    so its been a year since i bought the bike and the mods started pretty much right after. the bike is scheduled in for bench time to install the lowering link new exhaust, clear covers, and 240 wheel. in addition to the new exhaust i got the corresponding re-flash for the ECU from tim. im...
  3. D

    aftermarket speedo and tach setups

    Anybody think I could make this setup look right on the bike with a complete R1 front end? I'm just looking for ideas and I really like this type of speedo but not sure how I could install to give it a good look. Any thoughts would be awesome or show me what you put together...
  4. motomick76

    LCD Digital Speedo / Dash Upgrade

    I propose to make this thread to be a sticky / how to for rest of Max riders wishing to easily upgrade tachometer / dash. I purchased a knockoff Koso LCD Tachometer. Also I have COPS with resistor and am inline for new TCI ignition and eliminate VBoost controller. - Does anyone have wiring...
  5. B

    Vmax speedo and differential

    Some background: I have a 1998 Vmax into which I installed a 2007 Venture rear differential by blocking off the speedo sensor hole and milling the shock mount hole boss to mount the shock mount stud. Lowered my rpms and works great for me. I also have a 1988 Venture and a 2000 Millenium...
  6. gunrunner

    no light and no speedo

    Went for a ride today and the speedo started to cut out now it doesn't go at all . I took the hearhead light out etc to get to cable but all seemed ok . I put it all back together but light doesn't work but it does on full beam . Is it time for a new cable or do I keep looking . As for the light...
  7. HyperPete

    Speedo error with 130/60R18 on front?

    I installed the new 18" wheels and tires, and now the speedo seems to be way off. (No way am I going as fast as it reads!) Can anyone help me to determine the percentage of error I am getting, and how to resolve it, running a 130/60R18 up front? Thank you in advance!
  8. M

    2013 vmax speedo off by almost 5 mph?? What do I do??

    I have a 2013 vmax that is about three months I recently found out the speedometer was off About 3 to 5 miles an hour Not quite sure what to do I have called multiple dealers and they tell me that there is nothing that they can do to fix it And that speedo's are not Perfectly accurate at all...
  9. C

    Speedo shots....

  10. timscues

    Looking for a speedo drive & ring

    Does anybody have a extra speedo drive and the ring that goes in the wheel and runs it? Tx
  11. donnelly317

    Steel studs on speedo mount

    Does anyone know if the steel studs on the bottom of the speedo/handle bar mount are removable??? It connects the mount to the top triple tree. Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2
  12. O

    Busa brake upgrade, what now with the speedo cable?

    Anyone have any input as to options to get rid of or relocate the speedo cable when going to the Tokico calipers? I have a stock speedo currently and without going to something digital/electronic I am not if I have any option to clean that up a bit. Thanks!
  13. shicks16

    Royal Star speedo sensor with RX2N gauge

    I have a Koso RX2N speedo coming with the magnet pickup sensor, i am not crazy about having to mount the sensor and magnets and was curious if anyone has had any experience with running a Royal Star sensor in the rear diff with a RX2N gauge. i have been chatting with Sean about this as he has...
  14. W

    Speedo noise

    Hello, new here . Check site didn't find info or not looking in right spot. Question, how to get into speedo to lube. Making screaming noise at 30 mph+ when cold.
  15. rattheroach


    Anyone from the UK got a speedo kicking around? desperate
  16. hijacker

    Speedo - 1st Gen

    The case on my '94 speedo is pretty ugly. It's a weird tan/green color and has some cracks in the surface. Plus, the trip-meter knob is broken off and I'd like to be able to turn that back to zero. In any case, I'm hunting for a cosmetically decent speedo with the trip-meter intact. Thanks...
  17. C

    speedo tach combo

    I am looking for a speedometer tach combo for my 2004 max I did see one somewhere but cant remember it was a rectangular shape Help
  18. Bacchus

    Used speedo

    Speedo died on my classic max. Could really use a replacement. On with 19k or so on it would be perfect. If there is a loose on floating around out there, please pm me
  19. naughtyG

    Please help me if you can..

    ..I desperately need to find a speedometer for my 2000 Vmax, but it MUST be in kilometers/hour, not mph. I just found out that my bike is still not going through Australian 'compliance' because of this silly speedo. Apparently they've ordered it over 3 weeks ago from an Australian company that...
  20. mckzx9

    Has anyone installed this speedo????

    I'm thinking about buying this speedo. I need a shift light so I figured I would get the whole package. http://www.digital-speedos.co.uk/rx2n-10k-vmax-edition-148-p.asp Has anyone installed this one. I'm wondering if it is an easy install. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...