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  1. VMax-Mike

    Speedo wire ?

    My speedo has a white wire with a green stripe That im told i can use for a signal to switch from launch mode to shift mode. Sitting still the bike will be in launch mode and when the bike is rolling the speedo has a sensor that will send a signal down the wire to the turn signal relay. This is...
  2. twistedmax

    speedo not right?

    I think there may be a problem with the speed-o-meter on percie(2010) it doesnt go 31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,ect it goes 31,47,59,71,95,108 ,126:rofl_200::rofl_200::rofl_200:
  3. Fire-medic

    Speedo required in circuit for functional ignition?

    Is the speedo required to be in the electrical circuit for the ignition & fuel pump etc. to work?
  4. slowpoke

    tighten up speedo housing?

    ok, the speedo and housing on my bike seem loose.(theres the speedo, rubber oring, then housing.) how the heck do you tighten the two pcs together? i havent removed it from the bike but i dont see any screws to tighten... they arent just clamped together are they?
  5. CustomMax

    Speedo quit working

    The speedo suddenly quit last night. I disconnected it at the wheel and turning the cable counterclockwise it's moving the needle on the speedo. My question is, does this mean it's the hub on the front wheel for the speedo? Any help appreciated.
  6. Fire-medic

    Yellow box for speedo correction & more

    Saw this on another forum, dunno if it would work for the Gen II but they speak about the 'busa & the ZX12, so maybe it will! Notice they mention it can "remove the speed limiter," interesting. http://www.bluegauges.com/prod_yellow_box.htm
  7. Ebein_486

    Speedo Cable

    I recently replaced a speedo cable, I reinstalled it the same as the previous cable. Angled bent portion attached to the speedometer itself. This seems backwards from what I would expect, as the angled portion has a boot to place over the connection and a thicker sheathing. The end...
  8. Vee4DFW

    Speedo Recommendations

    Howdy folks, I'm looking for something digital to replace my old analog speedo that will bolt in without alot of work. Yes I know I'm lazy but I told myself that from now on all of my bods are going to be bolt-on or something easy for my mechanic to do. Thanks in advance
  9. maleko89

    17" front wheel, speedo healer?

    Should I live with it or is there a fix for this? I thought Boxenstopp had one but couldn't find it in their catalog.
  10. tfranklin

    Speedo rattle

    Hi everyone and apologies if this has been covered. I did a search and couldn't find anything on it. It's driving me crazy, it rattles between 2500 and 4000 rpms, when the bike is pulling hard off the bottom. I can touch the speedo glass and it stops, but I can't figure out how to do anything...
  11. VMAX1260

    koso speedo, with fuel meter

    does anybody know if i can connect the fuel meter of my koso speedo, to my v-max. this is the instrument http://www.kosonorthamerica.com/ it is the bb552b70
  12. E

    I snapped of trip meter knob on speedo!

    Dang it! In a moment of idiocy, I accidentally snapped off the knob on the left side of my speedometer, which I always use to adjust to "0" when I gas up. Any of you folks know a good way to re-attach it? (The darn thing snapped way down into the speedo, so it doesn't look like an easy glue...
  13. speedcostsmoney

    how to get speedo with R1 FORKS and stock vmax wheel help

    ok got a little problem lookin for a fix got an R1 fork 99 with a stock vmax front wheel how do i get a workin mecanical speedo with this set up found a kit at cycle one but lookin for a little less expensive if possible
  14. K

    FZR1000 Speedo Gear??

    Anyone know if the FZR1000 speedo gear will fit the Vmax?
  15. R

    Spare speedo cables? Anyone? Anyone?

    So now Im on my 4th broken speedo cable since I lowered my max about 3 months ago. I have a plan to reroute the cable and take some stress off the cable so I can stop burning through the worlds supply of vmax speedo cables. Sean, I think we talked about a shortened braided stainless cable, right?
  16. R

    another speedo cable broken

    I just broke my 2nd speedometer cable in less than 300 miles. Could this be due to the fact that I have the front lowered 2 inches up front?:bang head:
  17. M


    OK, some might agree, others not (me included) but I'm not the owner of the vmax... Anyone change the speedo from mechanical to digital? there are such products out there that will do the job (or so it says) http://www.tejasthumpcycles.com/Parts/dash/dash.htm
  18. R

    speedo cable?

    I was riding last night and started hearing a weird noise, it sounded like some thing was caught in my cooling fan. I slowed down and the noise chenged pitch with my speed. Once I got to about 10mph, it stopped. A few miles down the road, it made the noise again as I was accelerating. I just...
  19. gamorg02

    speedo cables the same?

    for all years? showing different part numbers for '97 vs '03 vs '06.....
  20. kozy

    Tach and Speedo switch?

    I was looking around at some pics of Vmaxes with monster tachs on them. It made me think.....since it would be more vital to have a better view of the tach rather than the speedo, would it be possible to mount the tach in place of the stock speedo(i know this has already been easily done) and...