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  1. Mr. Max

    Cranks properly on second or third try only

    Hi, I have some issues with my bike, year 2013. When I start the bike with cold engine, with first try the motor won't crank properly, I believe it turns over but very slow and it makes weird sound compared to normal cranking sound. Kind a like battery is running low voltage. Then power off and...
  2. Osiris

    Ignitech start point.

    I recently recieved a Ignitech kit. Install was fairly simple. Programming is a bit more difficult. With the kit came a disc with what I assume are programmed set-ups. When I try to upload a set up I get a text (key). Which I don't understand. I'm just trying to get a starting program for...
  3. vmax1998

    Cold start

    Hi y’all I have a 1998 vmax with 17k miles on it and a fresh battery as well as cop mod with denso coils and hopefully properly synced carbs that I synced yesterday with my Morgan carbtune. Anyways I live in arizona so it’s not cold at all here but I was wondering how it is normal for a vmax to...
  4. dewcrazzy

    Battery won't start the vmax

    Got a quick question for you guys. My bike was cranking slow so I went to hook up the charger and I hooked the cables up backwards. When I turned the key I heard a small pop and now I have nothing. Like not one thing happens when I turn the key like no power what so ever. Please help!
  5. Fire-medic

    Indy 500 to start

    A safe race for all, let's go! Monaco F1 was won earlier today by Dan Ricciardo of Australia for Team Red Bull. I would like to see Helio Castronieves make it #4, starting in eighth, or Danica Patrick, starting at #7, in her last Indy Car race.
  6. Bill Seward

    2018 - ready to start.

    I took the airbox off Godzilla to check for a mouse nest inside. A few years ago, it was jammed full. This year, nothing, but I did find a few seeds sitting up on top of the ignition box. No sign of chewed up wires, luckily. There were a few seeds sitting under the seat, on the voltage...

    Rough start!!!

    Can anyone tell me why this thing is sound like it's grinding ? Just replaced the starter so WTF??? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  8. Sidecarjohn

    Instant start mystery

    Strange one. Out riding, stopped at junction and selected neutral. Despite engine already running, starter activated, plus oil and fuel warning lights illuminated. However, once in gear all returned to normal, at least as far as could be determined. Once home confirmed the problem persists, that...
  9. daves86vmax

    Backfire at almost every start

    Mostly after the bike had sat overnight or even for a few hours but when I choke it a little and start it it shoots off a gunshot loud backfire.i imagine it has something to do with the carbs.ideas?
  10. mundmc

    White smoke/exhaust with full choke on cold start

    I'm embarrassed to ask, not me ch engine experience here. Symptom: Whitish smelly smoke from exhaust, usually one side at a time Onset: 2-3 weeks ago when it got cold out (low 20 F/-6 C) Duration: Until I back off the choke (under 30 sec before choke is at half and it stops Intensity: it makes...
  11. vwaxxed

    No start, no headlight, no speedo light

    Leaving the gas station the other day, I went to start my bike. I hit the start button and nothing happened. After I cycled the key on and off a few times I was able to get it to start. Now it is doing the same hard to start issue, but when I eventually get it to start, there is no headlight or...
  12. J

    Need Advice: first start after long neglect

    I purchased a well-abused 89 over the winter that had been sitting for four years. Replaced the battery, then the starter, then the clutch slave cylinder. Rebuilt the carbs as per NaughtyG's instructions (except that I replaced all components that came in the rebuilt kit, except the float needle...
  13. E

    Cold start, top of engine knocking/clanking but not on warm start?

    So I have an '88 Vmax with 61.8k miles on it and about a month ago I dropped the bike going about 10 MPH on a turn (thanks sand lol) and ever since then when the bike hasn't been turned over in more than a day then when I put the key in the ON position and the killswitch to run then when it does...
  14. S

    Can you start without a gas tank?

    My gas tank is quite rusted and I don't think it is repairable. When I shake it, it rattles with rusty sludge and I think I can even see a tiny hole in the bottom of the gas tank where it may have rusted through. The outside looks really new so it is unfortunate. I was thinking of ordering a...
  15. ImCannibal

    not wanting to start

    So I rode it the last few days with no issue. This morning it started acting like I was having a fuel issue. It started with the choke no problem and died after I turned the choke off and blipped the throttle. It continued to turn over but wouldn't start again. I cycled the killswitch to see if...
  16. vanbry

    Won't start after sitting for the winter

    Hmm, where do I start. This is my first spring with a Vmax. It doesn't even appear to want to start. I got it to hit a time or two and one backfire, but nothing after that. I didn't put any stabilizer in, just filled the tank with premium before putting it up for the winter. I tried...
  17. W

    how do you start a charity event

    i was just curious how do you start an organized charity event. i would like to start one or even join one for the epilepsy foundation.thanks everyone
  18. Johnc1go

    Bike Cranks, but won't start.

    I replaced a worn out battery and now the bike cranks, but does not start or fire for that matter. Now it did sit for three weeks without a battery, I don't know if that is a factor or not. I noticed the odometer number had been replaced by the number "41" and when I ran a diagnostic I came...
  19. effingidiot

    another no start problem.

    Hello everyone.I am a new member,i have got myself a 1996 1200 vmax project.I have put on a new battery,when I press the start button all the lightes go out and it will not turn over.I have a manual on its way,but can't wait to hear it run.Any advice what to check please.Thanks.
  20. Falaholic

    Bike won't start unless in neutral

    Can pull the clutch in and start the bike. The only way now, is it has to be in neutral. Should I be looking at the kick stand switch as the culprit?