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  1. Osiris

    Sticky clutch plates

    I've been addressing my clutch issues since I've got the bike. It would die while in gear with clutch lever pulled. It looked as though the fluid had never been changed. I rebuilt master and slave cylinders. I also replaced stock clutch line with SS . New long pushrod and new bearing. The...
  2. Mr. Max

    Sticky front forks??

    I have had some bouncy-like shaking for a quite a while now, it feels like up&down movement to the handlebar and isn't the usual woble everyone is talking about. I had same issue with stock springs too, now I have progressive fork springs with 1" lowering and rear is progressive too. Today I...
  3. TB99Max

    Sticky rear caliper..... where to go from here

    I noticed the inner piston was sticking on my rear caliper a few weeks ago. Ordered a new seal kit, put it in, and blew out the caliper with compressed air. Put it back together and still doesn't work! The pad is actually in contact with the rotor so that's obviously not good! Where should I go...
  4. ImCannibal

    Not sure if this is an issue? Sticky second gear?

    So I've been meaning to ask this, because it seems like the Max is notorious for second gear going bad, but mine seems to be "too good", sometimes if I'm getting on it hard I'll go to shift into third and my bike will klunk like it went to third but still be in second, but if I just hard shift...
  5. 98jpvmax

    2 things here sticky brake lever and i got brake fluid all over!!!

    Gonna explain this best i can, the brake lever when you pull it slow it is sticky and sqeaky but if you pull it hard like for a hard stop its fine, the slower you pull the worse it is, and the noise seems to come from under the resivior where the plunger is, also when i open the cover brake...
  6. Rusty McNeil

    OEM Carbs? Post your setup

    Thought of this since I've been bugging the crud out of y'all trying to get my new setup working.:bang head: How about if we all could simply post our carb setup and how well it works for everyone to learn from. Including exhaust and altitude, no air box ,air box, Morely Mod Airbox etc??? I...
  7. B

    anyone need a sticky tire?

    Just thought that i would pass on a good deal on tires. The soft hooks better than a shinko 003 U-soft and is better at high speeds.
  8. M

    Sticky Clutch Problem

    I bought a 2001 two years ago with 750 miles. The clutch has always held onto gear when warm, and has been difficult to shift into neutral. Over the winter, I had a bike shop take a look at it, and they found 5 of the clutch plates stuck together. They separated them and soaked them in oil...