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  1. Vee4DFW

    Centerstand tabs and Kerker

    Hi folks, How much of the tabs do I have to cut off? I have a Dremmel. Any recommended cutting disk? Thanks in advance
  2. QuarterHorse

    Center Stand Tabs

    Sorry for the poor camera phone pic, it's all I had on me when I got back from picking up the tire. Anyway, are these the tabs for the center stand? My bike didn't have a center stand when I got it. If so, any places to find a used one so when I work on the bike it's not so scarey? :D...
  3. Robbarrie

    Anyone play guitar - Tabs places.

    I was just wondering if you play - where is your favorite place to get your tabs ? If you've never gone there check out 911TABS it's one that I really like. Keep rock'n:band: