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  1. J

    '06 vmax tailight

    Hello, I recently just bought and installed rear LED turn signals that have red running lights & brake lights built into them. My question is, can I legally run just those without my factory tailight? I also have the rear LED brake light that replaces the red reflector in the back above the rear...
  2. J

    '09 Honda CBR 600RR LED tailight

    Hello, I ordered the wrong tailight to custom install onto my '06 vmax. I was supposed to get an '06! LOL Anyways, I decided to go ahead and use it. I'm very impressed with how it turned out. Here's a few pictures of it installed onto my bike. I only paid $20 for it off of Ebay. Sent from my...
  3. chillcool68

    Custom tailight mod!!!!

    Installed custom brake light/tail was pretty easy, heres link for light http://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Plate-Brake-Taillight-For-Yamaha-V-Max-Virago-Stratoliner-Midnight-Deluxe-/151161774253?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2331f1a0ad&vxp=mtr Pics:
  4. bud7680

    L.E.D. tailight

    LED Tail Light Yamaha Vmax Motorcycle Please wait Image not available Zoom Enlarge Mouse here to zoom in Please wait Image not available :ummm:Anybody have this taillight? Does it work well? Has a clean look IMO.... What are your thoughts? There are other Vmax parts he...
  5. Machine1964

    R1 tailight

  6. N

    LED tailight

    ..I have a 99 that someone installed a combo brake/taillight = where the rear reflector goes..and the removed the old taillight/plate holder... I have an 86 that I want to do the same to..Anyone know where to find a combo light that fits in reflector spot? I want a flat one...Not rounded...
  7. Jdk203

    Anyone have an other than factory tailight?

    The problem on my max is the extended swing arm wont allow for the stock light to fit. My bike is currently running a bulb in the reflector that is just below the grab bar. It works but isn't very bright. Ive been trying to find an LED light that might fit in the same place without looking dumb...
  8. Bill Kratzenberg


    I am looking to change my tailight and i like the look of the monstermax, but $350.00 seems really steep to me . Anyone know of anything without changing the fender? Thought i saw a cat eye type light somewhere but not sure where.