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  1. D-Max2012

    I wonder if we'll ever see this at Thunder.

    Now this is a unique ride.. Similar to why I like the vmax.
  2. radley

    Need Thunder 2019 Vmax Surgeons for my 1985

    Please click reply, insert "Rofl 200" emoticon now and hit send.... Ok, now that we've got that over-with, here's my hair-brain idea... I would like to trailer my bike out to Thunder 2019 in order to get some willing folks to help me fix my bike..... of course for next to nothing...
  3. vmax2extreme

    Thunder 2018 rollcall........

    Been a busy year here so far, but yes, its that time for our ANNUAL Thunder 2018 ROLLCALL :punk::punk::punk: Details: We are combining the Friday night BBQ and Banquet to just Friday night BBQ. Always LOOKING for RIDE LEADERS since we are...
  4. VMax-Mike

    Thunder 2018 ?

    I don't see any info.
  5. vmax2extreme

    Thunder 2017 Tshirts

    NOW TAKING PRE-ORDERS: Commemorative VMAX T-Shirt orders now being taken. Front shield and rear dual GEN1/GEN2 engines. T-shirts available in either black or white color. Please specify color and size when ordering. Limited quantity so get your name in now so one's reserved in your name...
  6. vmax2extreme

    VMOA Thunder 2017 -- Roll Call!!!

    Its roll call time! Please add your name to the list by replying that your coming. Here is the link to the calendar of events that will be slowly populating as we plan out the event. We need help with the event - 1. Ride leaders for any...
  7. vmax2extreme

    Thunder 2017....lets roll with it!

    Who's ready for Thunder 2017. Yeah I know its winter here, but now is the time to start thinking of organizing the event as I do each and every year now.... Vendor support, food, events, ideas, etc etc etc..... To be honest, I'm behind since by now I've already started messaging all the...
  8. vmax2extreme

    VMOA Thunder Swap Meet

    ANNUAL THUNDER SWAP MEET FRIDAY JUNE 24 @ 6:00PM We know you have a box of spare parts taking up space at home, so why not bring them to Thunder 2016 for the ANNUAL SWAP MEET?
  9. one2dmax

    Thunder 2016 Shirts

    EMAIL ME - [email protected] New Thunder 2016 Tshirt Orders now being taken. Print will be single color rear this year (black or white font with any color base shirt) and Morleys Muscle Logo on the front. Shirt Pricing: $8 - S-XL $10 - 2XL $12 - 3XL-5XL $4 Each For Postage (in the U.S.)...
  10. vmax2extreme

    THUNDER 2016 - Roll Call!!!

    Its roll call time! Please add your name to the list by replying that your coming. Here is the link to the calendar of events that will be slowly populating as we plan out the event. We need help with the event - ride leaders for any and all...
  11. SpecOps13

    The Man and the Thunder

    Great Story:
  12. vmax2extreme

    Its official: Thunder 2016!

    Well, its official! The VMOA Thunder 2016 event has been posted and the website Thunder 2016 page will be online shortly. Facebook link: STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS...
  13. J

    Thunder in the Valley ??

    I just stumbled upon this Event- Thunder in the Valley, at Johnstown PA. I watched a few video's of it. Looks like a fun time......if it wasn't so far from my home town, LOL. I've been to the Sturgus Bike rally a few times, and that was a hell of a long trip. This looks to be at least Triple...
  14. lawman504

    Thunder 2015

    Wednesday night. Pretty good turnout
  15. Falaholic

    Any advice on what to pack/carry for the trip to Thunder

    Wanted to ask the vets what they recommend I take with me for the trip up to Thunder. This will be my first long distance trip.
  16. RazoR333

    Thunder in the Valley 2015

    First off i must ask for forgiveness as it has been way too long since i have been active on this site. But in my defense, i am heading out to Thunder in the Valley next week to hopefully meet up with the privileged few that straddle the most awesome machine on 2 wheels. Just called the Days...
  17. C

    Vmax Mike suited up for Thunder!!!

    There you go you old ornery bastard. You'll need alot more than a nitrous bottle to get that scoot down the road! I know its a lousy photoshop, best I could do in 2 minutes lol. Let the games begin!
  18. vmax2extreme

    Thunder free gift cards!!!

    ATTENTION...ATTENTION...ATTENTION...ATTENTION...ATTENTION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that I have your attention, ALL VMOA Thunder Event attendees will receive a FREE $10 gift card from one of our sponsors...
  19. C

    Thunder 2015 people needing rides or groups to ride with.

    Just figured maybe its a good idea to make a list of where your are coming from and if your riding or babying it and trailering in.... I ll be coming from Romeo Michigan and riding down it sounds like with Vmax Mike and possibly Leecifer. We are riding down.
  20. one2dmax

    Thunder Shirts

    ***UPDATED 6-9-2015**** Order has been placed to shirt maker. I did order some extra shirts in a few sizes and the only color available now will be black. I do believe some of these will be available at Thunder as well. Here's the event design for this year. Hopefully this appeals to...