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  1. H

    where do you guys find those stock ex tips ?

    Hi everyone Henry from Colorado here. I just go a new to me 11' 1700 . I have seen pics of different stock exhaust tip extensions, but can't seem to find them anywhere on the net. can any of you seasoned vets send me a link or two to some options ? thanks in advance!!
  2. rick67ca

    Any tips on removing a Walker 4-1 exhaust?

    Hello, I am going to remove a Walker 4-1 exhaust system from my 97 VMax. I notice that the pipes are slip fit. Does anybody have any tips on how to best get everything separated without destroying it? Thanks in advance. Rick
  3. M

    Any tips for removing /replacing speedo ?

    I Have just received a replacement speedo (my origional was clouded and the tripometer didnt work ) is there anything i should be looking out for when removing and refitting ? any tips or links to assist the speedy swapover would be welcomed . Thanks
  4. H

    New buyer's tips

    Hi all, I'm new here and it's my first time posting. Finally, after 20 years of desiring a Vmax, I think the time has come. I'm currently courting a '03. What are the keys think to look at when I go to inspect? there's no real mods other than the seat, >20k miles, looks good. I appreciate...
  5. Fire-medic

    Tech tips on restoration

    I ran across this thread, it's about a restoration of a VW Thing, which is a civilian version of a WW II Kubelwagen, as-far as I am aware. One of my firefighter co-workers had one (also a '57 Nomad, and a '56 before that), they have a propensity to rust. Here's a good thread to look thru for...
  6. B

    Buying Tips?

    I'm going to look at a '92 VMax and want to know what to look for. It's got 41k miles on it. I know to check for slipping out of second gear. What else? It has some damage, broken rear turn signal and chrome cap broken off the end of the throttle. Otherwise it seems to be in decent shape. He's...
  7. Specs95t

    Looking for tips and ideas on a front fender

    Hi guys, I am following up on my post about my VMax being run over by a 4900 lb ML35 SUV (yes with me on it...). The good news is all is well with me and most of my VMax. Got some insurance money and the mod monkey is securely perched on my back... First thing I need is a front...
  8. C

    Supertrapp slip-on tips

    I was wondering if anyone had made custom tips for their ST slip-ons? If yes, I wonder if you could post up a pic? I looking for ideas. Thanks, John
  9. Falaholic

    Looking at doing Isle of Mann 2016, any tips?

    Thinking of heading over to England and ferrying over to the isle this coming May. Wanted to ask if anyone has ever attended, or has tips on travel and accommodations.
  10. Lotsokids

    Tips for Drag Racing Tuning Prep?

    I found a local place to rent a trailer to bring the V-Max to the drag strip 4.5 hours away. So this will allow me to do some tuning prior to going, without worrying about "streetability." 1. I have a custom VERY free-flowing exhaust, which is extremely loud. I understand the combination to use...
  11. W

    Over 150 excellent road survival tips!!

    Excellent site! I go here every now and then to re-read and check for new tips.
  12. desert_max

    Kerker removal tips?

    OK guys. Many of you may have seen the '85 I'm parting out in the Parts section. It has a nice Kerker on it that I'm switching to my '94 which has a "not as nice" Kerker. My question is, does anybody have a neat trick for separating the two halves without dinging the chrome or, worse, denting...
  13. fmcandrew

    Post 1993 fork disassembly tips

    Quick tips for disassmbling post 1993 forks (just did it because I want to PC my lower tubes & seals are leaking) Leave the springs in under pressure...every shop I talked to does it this way Get an impact gun (air or electric)...I used a cheap Sears electric impact gun and it worked well Use a...
  14. O

    Need tips on purchasing a used 1998 VMax

    Hey guys, first time poster here. I am going to go look at a 1998 VMax with 7000 original miles on it tomorrow morning and just wanted to know if there are any problem areas that I should be looking for on a 1998 or VMax in general. I've read about the 2nd gear problem and to make sure I...
  15. ilkka

    Any tips to see or experience in L A or San Francisco?

    Hi Fellow Riders! I?m going to move my azz from freezing cold Finnish winter to Los Angeles sun in early March, just for a week but anyway. During that week I will be visiting San Francisco too. I would be happy to get some good riders tips for what to see in those cities; like motorcycle...
  16. a113ycat

    Any Tips on Mods??

    I read something about being able to adjust the VBoost setting. Is this possible and what if anything would it do to the engine wear or fuel economy? Also what are my options for upgrading the exhaust with out having to go through a huge hassle with jetting or air issues?
  17. C

    Buying a vmax tomorrow. Need tips

    I'm more than likely going to pick up a 88 Vmax tomorrow. I'm pretty excited but I have to say that after doing alot of reading on the web I'm concerned about the handling. Most of my other bikes have been sport bikes and I'm used to them handling well. My imeediate questions are these...
  18. TK3333

    Coolant Leak any Tips

    I took my Max out for a ride the other day and stopped by my parents house. My Pop took it for a spin and when he came back I noticed coolant leaking out of the P hole in the bottom of the water pump housing. After further inspection I noticed scratches and scrape marks on the water pump housing...
  19. satariel666

    Dave Moss Unsprung - Suspension Tips

    Mini suspension bible. Priceless infos!
  20. V

    Tips on cleaning my bike.

    Hey guys, I'm going to be cleaning my 06 tommorrow. Ive only had it for a couple of months and my cleanings so far have been just quick ones with the garden hose and drying it off as best I could. So it looks alright, but tommorrow I'd like to get a good deep cleaning done on it. I was wondering...