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  1. radley

    Special tools

    What are some special tools. flywheel puller? anyone know what we need? what's some others that a guy should pick up if needed to do transmission fix in particular..? I want to start picking up some specialty tools and prepare.
  2. V-Four

    How do YOU guys arrange your tools?

    Yeah, it sounds kinda basic, but I'm finally moving into my new house and have to re-arrange my tools. (Get em outa the boxes and finally organize them.) Ideas (and photos) are appreciated, but my main question I'm asking myself, do I keep all wrenches together ,and separate drawers for...
  3. Fire-medic

    found tools on the road

    How many of you "brake for lost tools?" I was on my way to work, & at the interstate intersection I saw a silver glint. I saw it was something substantial, and not a trash piece. Traffic was behind me, so I had to loop-around & come back through the intersection, checking for no traffic behind...
  4. M

    Valve adjustment tools,shims etc ....

    Ok so i decided to clean my carbs then figured well ...since the carbs are off maybe i should change the front valvle cover gasket i ve been putting off, had to take vboost motor off, radiator .... to have enough clearance in order to remove that damn cover after all that i figured .... maybe i...
  5. dman1961

    Bike tools...

    Morning Gents, Where is a good place to obtain motorcycle tools such as a carb sync unit? thanks again as always :punk: D
  6. T

    What tools do you carry on your bike?

    Hi Guys, I want to put together a decent toolkit for when I'm on the road on my bikes. What tools/parts do you guys carry when you do road trips?
  7. DakRatFink

    Chain tools

    This is gonna sound funny on a forum dedicated to shaft drive bike BUT, I am about to swap sprockets and a new chain on my old FZR fighter project. Plus, my wife now has her KLX, so I have 2 chain bikes in my garage. I think it is finally time to invest in a chain tool. Does anyone have any...
  8. S

    Snap On Tools

    Don't know how many are high dollar Snap On fans. I have tools from France to China, with a little country in between. I may even have a few American tools. I recently bought a set of met and std off wrench sets for the company. I got all the sets, up to 2". Out of these, I returned 14 for...
  9. Hatter

    Cool hi-tech tools

    Hey Sean! You need one these!
  10. N

    favorite choice of tire mounting tools

    Fixing to mount my new tires. I have painted stock rims and wondering for you guys that do your own what is your favorite tool of choice to get this done with the least amount of paint chipping:ummm:
  11. E

    OEM original tools question

    Hi folks: I'm trying to find out if you know of any place I can buy an OEM Yamaha tool that appears to be no longer manufactured. It's a damper rod holder (part # YM-01445) for the 1994 YZF750 USD forks I've installed on my Max. I cannot find ANYONE ANYWHERE who still sells this! (And...
  12. E

    Best source for OEM factory tools?

    Hi folks: I'm in a bit of a quandary here... I'm currently attempting to disembowel/rebuild the USD shocks from a 1994 Yamaha YZF750, and the service manual states a lot of tools necessary to do this ("Rod Puller" part #90890-01437 and "Adapter" part #90890-01436 are examples.) I've...

    Tools I'll need

    I'm sorry to start a new thread on a subject we have talked about in other threads but often the original question get lost in a thread and the subject often changes. I hope this thread will stay on this subject. This is my to buy list so far Carbtune (Need to know if 4 column is better...

    Cool Tools

    Figured I'd start this thread, every once in a while I buy a tool that I'm really impressed with... could be a lawn mower (that's never a good tool is it) or whatever, anyway you get the idea. Just bought one of these a while back...
  15. ssnsltd

    shop tools defined

    got these in an email, figured most here could relate.. . > DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted project which you had...

    Tools needed to Move brake lever

    Hello, I'm going to pick up my 2007 VMAX Tuesday and it's been about 10 years since I sold my last VMAX so my memory is not so good. Can someone tell me what tool and size of tool I'll need to Move brake lever assembly and/or switch assembly. I have to drive it back about 550 miles so I...
  17. Shuriken

    Tools Explained (from
  18. coffee_brake


    I looked but I didn't see anything on this... My bike didn't have the tool kit in it. What tools should I get together to keep with the bike? What might I be expected to need on the roadside, besides the sparkplug wrench and tire patch kit? what's in that tool kit, anyway?
  19. dannymax

    Tire change/balance tools

    Got sick of paying the LBS to screw up my tires, so.............. Bearings are: #6303-2RS premium grade 17 x 47mm ball bearings Bought on eBay from bobhill5 Total w/shipping $13.80 Bearings slide over front axle and sit in little grooves in wood stand, and work very well. There was too much...
  20. M

    Hydraulic bleeding tools, which do you use?

    I am looking at purchasing a hydraulic bleeding tool. A Mighty Vac or Motion Pro has one. What do you use instead of one of these units? Anyone ever use one of these? Do they work well? Any other suggestions?