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  1. D

    Can't see tread pics

    Trying to do some research on brake lines before asking too many questions but most of the pictures in the treads only show up as grey boxes. Can't click on them to open. Kinda limits the usefullness of the info for my simple mind! Using Tapatalk on my phone. Might not have this issue on my...
  2. Fire-medic

    Your antenna tread

    Read if for yourself.
  3. D-Max2012

    Tire size and flame tread

    Guys, I see I'm riding my Max, way more that my buddies are riding their other bikes.. I've gotten 2.5 riding seasons out of my tires and its about time to replace, at least the rear tire anyways. The front has about 3mm of tread depth left. The rear is about bald at the center. My friend rear...
  4. davidon

    Tire tread

    How far do you let your tread wear down before replacement?
  5. Vitek

    new pireli tires with funky angel tread

    and I was thinking to buy pirelli diablo strada but found THIS Vitek
  6. K

    Front tire tread wears very strange

    My front tire's wear seems very strange. I'm sure it's the stock's a Bridgestone. The bike has 7,000 miles on it..and i just got it. The front tire has some life left in it, but it's about time to replace it; however the tread seems strange. The tire has "hills" going across the...