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  1. vmax2extreme

    Thunder 2017 Tshirts

    NOW TAKING PRE-ORDERS: Commemorative VMAX T-Shirt orders now being taken. Front shield and rear dual GEN1/GEN2 engines. T-shirts available in either black or white color. Please specify color and size when ordering. Limited quantity so get your name in now so one's reserved in your name...
  2. cbanker

    Addicted to V-Boost T-Shirts

    :clapping:Hey there! I have a buddy made up some T-Shirts, "Addicted to V-Boost". Available in all normal sizes and four colors. Here is a link to the site for ordering. Takes at least a total of 15 to get the order done. Any combo of sizes and colors. I get nothing out of this. Just think the...
  3. one2dmax

    Thunder 2014 Tshirts

    Here's the design for this years shirt. I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to get the artwork done in time but here it is! What color are we thinking for the shirt? Most votes wins and all shirts will be that color. ***UPDATE*** It appears that I am going to go forward with adding...
  4. vmax2extreme

    Thunder 2014 tshirts

    Hello Thunder enthusiasts, I have been talking with Sean Morley of Morleys Muscle about tshirts again this year for Thunder 2014. He has said it just may be possible and it would be handled the same way, prepaid orders again. I will post up the artwork once Sean receives it back from the...
  5. kentmax5

    Vmax Forum T-shirts

    How come when I click on the Vmax forum T-shirt button It takes me to a website with no Vmax t-shirts? :ummm:
  6. timscues

    Thunder T-shirts

    A thank you goes out to KJ for a great job on the thunder shirts. And a thanks to Morleys muscle, Marks, UFO and everyone helping. here was the last sample I have seen, please contact mike for any info. http://vmaxforum.net/showthread.php?p=257719&posted=1#post257719
  7. Zewerr

    I'm making T-shirts. I need more ideas.

    A few of you may remember this post I made a few months ago: http://www.vmaxforum.net/showthread.php?t=512 Well, I took one of the many photos taken that day and did alittle photoshopping, and decided it would make a great t-shirt. I've came up with a few captions to go with the picture...