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  1. ga_max

    Uneven Brake Pad Wear

    This weekend I changed my front brake pads and notice something odd. My brakes are stock and when I removed the pads from both calipers one pad was petty much wore all the way down and the other pad still had lots of pad on it. The bike was stopping well before the change. What is this...
  2. stilkus

    carbs synced, still uneven engine load felt

    I have spent a lot of time troubleshooting my carbs, I had it lean/rich/not synced and a lot more until recently things are fine and the motorcycle is performing good. I still feel that my carbs have something wrong which I am unable to figure out. I am going to list the symptoms hoping someone...
  3. Noxx72

    Uneven pad wear.

    About 4 months ago I changed my rear brake pads. At that time I noticed that the pad wear was exceedingly uneven, with one pad barely touched and the other almost gone. This morning, pulling my rear wheel for a new tire, I'm seeing the same radically uneven wear occurring, to the point where I...
  4. Ctshooter

    Exhaust pulse uneven

    Hi all once again. An update on my earlier post concerning jetting for UFO pipes. I did the carb tuning sequence that was in this post and all is fine. Still feels fat in the midrange and I get sort of a flutter sound from the engine/exhaust when between load and no load cruising around 3,500...
  5. vmaxinID

    uneven exhaust note.

    unsimilar exhaust note. HMF 2D9S 4-2 full system, 1999 Vmax My exhaust's dont sound the same. The left has a rymthic pfffffftt sound to it during deceleration, and and a bit of a puh puh sound during acceleration. I recently RTV'd the two exhaust gaskets F&R, the juncture of the...
  6. Rusty McNeil

    Uneven brake pad wear

    Has anyone else noticed this? My inboard pads, the ones closest to the wheel on all three calipers always wears out sooner than the outboard one. Not a by a lot and I definitely don't have a sticking cup. It's more like the caliper design doesn't send equal pressure to both sides of the...