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  1. F

    Carbon Version

    Hi All, I’ve recently bought my 1st V-Max and it’s a 2000 Carbon version. Love the bike but the finish of the ‘carbon’ is a bit faded to say the least and the rear fender is scuffed where a tail pack or tool roll has been. Any ideas how to revive this finish. I don’t really want to spray...

    Is there a version of user guide that is printable

    I know there have been links for the different manuals, user guide,service manual and Parts Catalog. Is there a version of the user guide that is printable ?
  3. M

    New version VMax rack from Cycle-istiC

    I finally have my prototype VMax-specific luggage rack finished. Attached are several pics from various angles. We hope to begin shipping Aug 1st. First I have to get my website straightened out, the paypal button is having issues. Meanwhile, orders can be placed on the phone using VISA or M/C...
  4. Miles Long

    "The Donald".....Huffington version

    Methinks Arianna doesn't much care for Trump...could I be wrong?
  5. ninjaneer

    Florida's version of Fall

    yep that's a 20-some-odd-foot queen palm. i hate queen palms. they're weak. i have a come-along that i bought after the freak summer storms a while back. but this ain't gonna be as easy as last time. those were like 12 footers and not as thick. i might just have to cut it up. oh well...
  6. C

    PCW new version for chain drive

    Anyone here that has a chain drive max ?Just wondering if you seen or heard the new set up John at pcw has for chain drive. I got 500 mile on my new motor and the new sealing set up at the output shaft is working great. I am really impressed with the machine work he did to pull this off.The...
  7. H

    New Megasquirt version

    I have been following along on Megasquirts site and it seems like the new version coming out will do everything for the Vmax that we could ever want. Sequential fuel and spark on all engines up to 8 cyl. They even list the Vmax as the oddfire motorcycle example. Fun fun! Not sure if the new...
  8. B

    COPs (Mitsubishi version)

    Just thought I would ad. I purchased some "03 04 05 R6 06 07 08 09 R6S YAMAHA PLUG COIL W HARNESS" on ebay. Looked great apon inspection. I messured the resistance and they all messured 0.8 ohms. I figured this was low but in installed them anyhow. On first fire up seemed ok. I noticed...
  9. Thevmaxrider

    White Christmas.... funny version

    Got this in an email and found it funny so decided to pass it on. Turn up your speakers and enjoy:biglaugh:
  10. lankeeyankee

    Cheap Version Of Lojack For Your Motorcycle.

    I read this post from one of the scooter forums. Its a pretty damn good idea if you live in an area where you have high theft or you just worry alot. Read on.. pretty good. How many times have you heard of someone who had their scoot stolen and never saw it again? Probably 90% or better of...
  11. Jayhawk

    A touring version to be produced

    Linkage I guess I had missed this rumor. :confused2:
  12. Rusty McNeil

    Pachelbels Canon in D-Metal version

    This kid is badass!