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  1. Kronx

    Polaris Shutting Down Victory Brand

    Dang. I liked Victory. Hopefully Indian sticks around for a while...
  2. rusty

    Victory Octane $10,400
  3. Born2Ride

    And there goes a Victory...
  4. B

    Victory Headlight

    Guys, i'm about the get a bike i've dreamed about since i was a kid... The only thing "Foreign" that i like with wheels. Victory is my favorite bike. Things i like about it are the gas tank, America, and the headlight... Vmax has the Tank, that same flowing look. But i think the hooded...
  5. H

    Victory Hammer.

    Yesterday there was a demo day at the local victory dealership. I'd say they had around 15 -20 assorted victory motorcycles and were allowing anyone with a motorcycle endorsment to take them on 15 minute guided group rides. There was more bikes than potential customers so I got to test...
  6. PDWeyand

    The new Victory Ness Cafe bike

    I watched the video on the that news feed. That is a very nice looking bike. I sure it is not going to be a cheap bike, but would like to take one for a test ride. From what the description that they gave it sounds like they put a lot of work into building it. I would not trade my max for it.
  7. WVxNitemare

    Test Drove Victory

    Okay guys, over the weekend I test drove the Victory Hammer and Jackpot. Keep in mind I've never ridden another bike other than the Vmax, except for the dual sport 250 I was taught on in my driving course. I was not impressed at all to be honest. They had absolutely no guts at all. And...
  8. 4gasem

    Polaris buys Indian...

    I was surprised to see/hear this. As many of you know, Polaris owns Victory too.
  9. dtoebaert-5311

    Victory supports US military

    OK, tried to post this on, but now I get a message 'not allowed to post on this forum' ?? Being logged in and all ?? Anyway: Hi Guys, True I'm from Europe but from some posts on this and the other forum (when will they be one??) I gather most of you guys feel warm-heartedly about...
  10. Shuriken

    Talked to a guy who was riding a Victory bike...

    And because he had this really nice, expensive bike, I started asking him questions. You know, it's a big fancy V-Twin, so I had to. I say "nice bike. How big is the engine?" He says "100 cubic inch, or 1600." I said "cool, bet it has a lot of torque and getup." He says "yeah, it does." I...
  11. RagingMain

    2006 Victory Hammer

    The dealer I frequent has had this bike sitting at his showroom for 4 years now. Wondering if any of you have any experience with this model bike???
  12. gunrunner

    Victory bikes

    Now heaps of these are popping up on the net over here , i dont know much about them and one of my mates likes the look of them . - have they got HD motors in them - or are they a separate company , and taking them on ? Does anyone have 1 or know anything about them , what the specs are ...
  13. QuarterHorse

    Beating on some Victory Motorcycles!

    So the short of it is Jason and I headed out to Newton Saturday as Victory had all of their motorcycles at the Newton Speedway free to ride. We roll out there on the bikes, show 'em our licenses, and we're off riding. We took every Victory model around the high banks, and then in and around...
  14. KJShover

    2008 Victory Vision

    not too sure I'm feeling this one. it looks like somthing out of Judge Dredd.
  15. Maximum

    This from Victory

    I was looking pretty close at buying a Hammer instead of a V-Max (I think I made the correct decision), but I'm on Victory's email list, and I got this today. Tellin' ya, the street version of the Vision is pretty sweet lookin', I my opinion. See what you think...