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  1. maleko89

    Chic Delta wire connectors

    I have yet to try these but seem pretty cool. Solder-less. I can hold my own soldering but that doesn’t mean I like to lol. https://chicdelta.com/products/waterproof-solder-wire-connectors Mark Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. E

    Where does the white oil level sensor wire go?

    Hi I have rebuilt a Vmax from 1986 and everything works great now, except the start switch won't work. All of the electrical are connected where it belongs except for the white oil level wire, I can't figure out where it's supposed to go. And I can't find my Haynes book either, so any...
  3. B

    Fuel Hose Wire Clamp

    Hey everybody, quick question. The fuel line that feeds the fuel rail on the carbs has a special wire clamp on it that's unlike any other clamp on the bike. Well, I must have lost part of the clamp when I took the hose off, and now I can't get it to tighten down properly. I'm thinking about...
  4. shawnlee

    wire underneath my engine

    oes anyone know the purpose of a curlt wire underneath the engine. Painting my engine,engine up in the air so I can get under it and saw the wire. I think it is a ground of some sort. Anyone know what the heck it is for?
  5. Fire-medic

    1990+ wire harness

    Looking for a clean 1990+ wire harness, PM me please. Thanks.
  6. Fire-medic

    late model wire harness

    I need a 1990+ wire harness, the newer, the better. I don't want one that's been modified. If it had the stator wires soldered, that's OK, but would prefer one stock. Thanks.
  7. Fire-medic

    ID of wire harness

    Okay, I have a wire harness, how can I ID it? I want to know if it's for the 1985-'89 or the 1990-'07. I know the early has two pick-up coils & the late has one. Anyone got some pics that would show me or can you give me a description of what to look-for? Thanks.
  8. Lotsokids

    Spark Plug Wire Set Option

    What do y'all think of these? Accel Extreme Heat. $45 on Ebay.
  9. T

    Replacing front turn signals with two wire assembly? How?

    Just got new turn signals for Father's Day. Rears went on fine but the front ones are three wire assemblies? Tried both ways and all I get is a solid light with a relay clicking noise when I activate turn switch? Light stays on solid with no blinking. Help please
  10. donnelly317

    Brown wire in headlight bucket

    Can anyone tell me if the brown main power wire in the headlight bucket shorting out and corroded only had a couple strains of wire left would make my fuel pump intermittent? I looked at wire diagram and couldn't figure out how there connect. But I know when that fuse blows the fuel pump stops...
  11. D

    dead short on main wire

    So I fired up the bike at lunch and it died after a minute sitting in the driveway. Saw a little puff of smoke from I don't know where. Needless to say it blew the 30 amp fuse just above the positive terminal on the battery. Pulled sest, tank lid and airbox and can't seem to find anything...
  12. N

    Front fork wire tensioner!

    Next question from me I'm afraid! On my '85 max the front for has what looks like a wire tensioner at the top of the front fork... Anyone know what this is for and how to remove it to get the front fork off?! :ummm: Cheers, James
  13. V-Four

    Resistance plug wire to ground??

    Correct me if im wrong..but I know I read here..somewhere..that resistance measured through plug wire to any good ground On bike should be 18.5 k ohms.? I checked mine and i get 21k on rears..and 23.3 on front two. Does this mean something in particular? Or am I whack? Thanks.
  14. J

    Gary's(dingy) 4 gauge wire set and the UB12220 style battery

    Gary's wire set is no fun putting on..you will also need a new crankcase gasket #2 (3JP-15461-01). So here is what I have done this week. replace starter clutch. $50 (thank you Steve G), 3 bolts $2.40, Loctite Red $7 Wire loom $10 crimp fix. $0 4 gauge wire set $50 new UB12220 style battery $45...
  15. N

    My How TO: Wire up a VBoost On (stock functioning) and Fully open all the time switch

    So I like the vboost stock when cruising and conserving fuel. I enjoy my t-boost switch to activate it at 3000rpm instead of stock ~6000rpm sometimes also, But I REALLY like the always open option- unplugging the connector when the servo motor is at the right position so vboost is deactivated...
  16. N

    How to wire a little LED light to V-boost/t-boost switch?

    Hey guys, rookie electrical question here- I have a nice little red led light, just a single led ready for 12v. I wanted to mount it next to my t-boost switch so when it's off, and the vboost activates at the stock 6000rpm. Then when I flick the switch to the 3000rpm activation mode, the led...
  17. N

    How do I wire up a 2008 R1 R/R? 3 wires + second connector..

    I heard of people swapping out the R/R for the R1 version.. I got the 2008 R1 R/R, but cant find and write ups on how to install it. I see it has 2 plugs- on the left plug it;s 3 wires of all the same color, and the other plug is a red and black wire. So adapting it to my 91' max', do I just...
  18. R

    Flywheel bolt oil wire

    Am fixing the starter clutch on my '90 and when I removed the flywheel bolt the oil wire that was supposed to be there wasn't there. I didn't lose it, it just wasn't there. I would like to replace it but cannot find one anywhere. Anybody know where to get one? Thanks!
  19. mvmccreary

    Battery Ground Wire

    So I'm putting my bike back together and I have put the ground wire on that runs from the motor to the battery and there is supposed to be a secondary wire a smaller one that is supposed to be on there and supposed to go :ummm: some where. A few years ago that wire burnt up on this bike and it...
  20. 1st Shirt Maxer

    Rerouting Wire Harness

    Wanted to ask if anyone has tried routing the wire harness through the frame? I'll be tearing my vmax down this winter to have Sean PC the frame and wanted to see if anyone has done this. I recently replaced my wire harness due to corrosion and had several ideas about routing the wires a...