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Apr 14, 2019
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Its been a wonderful year with the Gen 2. Bought it September 15, 2020 at the height of this nonsense. Bought it with 5855 miles, 151XX right now.

I took the bar end mirrors off. I couldnt see behind me without removing my hand from the handlebars. Just a set of long stem chromes on there at the moment. Will change those out to black long stems that hug closer to the handlebars but still sticks out so I can see behind me. I performed a rear fender eliminator and stuck in a smoked LED turn/brake light assembly with license plate bracket. Removed the front bird wing turn signals and installed halos in the scoops. And the last thing I am doing is building a switchable rear back rest for when I want to do rear riders.

Things I still want to do....maybe a Guru'ed flashed ECM just to remove the speed limiters. Maybe get a speedo healer so when I am doing a certain speed, I am actually reading that as the speed. Slow speeds, I am at least 2-3mph off. The faster I go, I am upwards of 10mph off. I am gonna leave everything else alone cause I am enjoying the bike too much.

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