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Motorycle For Sale 1996 Vmax sidecar bike done right

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Jun 27, 2021
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Great condition Yamaha V-Max sidecar bike. ONLY 6,275 original miles! Over $27,000 originally invested in this unique machine (about $40,000 today), most likely the only one ever brought into the USA. This 1996 Yamaha V-Max was shipped to Germany in 2000 and a full conversion done by the Sauer Sidecar company. The 'Wing' model 2-seat complete side-car conversion was performed and shipped back to AZ. Extensive frame reinforcement, car style wheels, and a leading-link front suspension round out the build. This 140HP V4 machine is capable of a stable 120MPH with this conversion! Side-car top lifts for easy entry/exit and seats 2 people with seatbelt. Large locking trunk on rear of side-car. Linked disk brakes including two calipers on the side-car wheel rotor linked to front and rear motorcycle brakes. Sidecar has suspension. Uses standard auto tires. Includes snap-on vinyl cover for side-car seat area (see images), full set of new brake pads in packages, and original owners manual.

Recent carb (4) overhaul, fuel pump, and all fluids changed. Bike runs great. Take the whole family and dogs with you on your motorcycle adventure.

More information on the sidecar and conversion here Sauer Mueller Motorradseitenwagen Wing (Sauer sidecar site, yes they're still in business!)

$11,500 located in PHX area
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Nov 4, 2020
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Nice, I run both my maxes (maxii) with chairs. Hopefully this year I can ride with only 2 wheels.