2009 VMX17 Sale or Trade

Discussion in 'VMax Motorcyles For Sale' started by oediehl, Mar 9, 2020.

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    Very clean 2009 VMX17 VMax. It's a little heavier than I prefer, though I quite like the upright riding posture and the MONSTER motor (easily the most powerful I've had in 50+ years of extensive trading/riding). No known issues, always garage kept, good tires (rear almost brand new)/fresh fully synthetic oil. Recently SS Delkevic exhaust (louder than stock but not excessive---if you want LOUD remove the baffles \;-), and a Gurued Gear reflash of the ECU (google it or check the VMax forums---kinda expensive but very well regarded---gets rid of factory tune limitations). 16K+ miles. $8500, Greenville, SC. I can send pics dipper@ericdiehl.com

    It's not a beginner's bike, and a potential buyer would have to convince me of their extensive riding experience before I'd allow a test ride (AND have a motorcycle license endorsement, AND cash in hand). Trades I might consider would preferably be low mileage, very good condition, with upright riding positions. Nicely farkled would be good. A good handling musclebike, perhaps---a ZRX1200 or MT10 come to mind, but I will happily entertain offers. No feet-forward cruisers or lean-forward sportbikes.
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