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Mar 25, 2011
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Miami Florida
A great video of Honda's products over the years. You may want to pause to catch a particular favorite. None are shown for very-long. I'm fortunate to have seen the 1965 F1 racer back-them racing at Watkins Glen NY. It was the loudest car on the track, and would earn Honda's first F1 Grand Prix win in their history (Mexico City F1, 1965), and also Goodyear's first GP F1 win. It was Ronnie Bucknum's (USA) only F1 win as a driver. Famous Honda motorcycle and F1 mechanic 'Nobby' Clark (whom I once met at Daytona Bike Week) was part of the effort for Honda F1 and motorcycle Grand Prix racing. Those Honda 4-strok engines were DOHC 4 valve/cylinder and the valve heads were the size of pencil erasers on their 250cc 6-cyl RC-166. That engine's crankshaft was made of thirteen components. They experimented with engines turning to 22,000 RPM! Engines used step-sized crankshaft bearings to provide the minimum weight with sufficient strength to carry the load, and to be durable-enough to last a race. The engine had no flywheel to speak-of, and revving it not under load could blow-up the engine, if allowed to go too-high in RPM's, just from a careless blip of the throttle.

Doing engine development like this with 'slip-sticks' and drafting tables is quite the feat, as the use of computers for FEA (finite element analysis) in other than governmental military and space program use was years-away. Brief History of FEA | ESRD | Engineering Software Research and Development, Inc.

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Honda RC-166 1966 engine 250cc.jpg Honda RC-166 1966 no fairing.jpg