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'89 Vmax for sale w/ many extra hard parts, South Texas, $4,800 OBO (was mine)

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Dec 15, 2016
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Rio Hondo, (deep south) Texas
Believe the current owner is more of a GoldWing man, as he has his eye on two of them! Sold this bike to him a few months back, told him I'd post it up to help him sell it. Currently has an early-model front wheel and late-model rear wheel, both painted graphite or black, with new Shenko tires (300 miles). Original wheels have Dunlops I put on with less than 1,500 miles or so. Old tins were the dark blue color, in very good condition. Believe he has extra side covers, but not side scoops. He wanted to buy parts to change look of the bike, but be able to go back to stock. From what I can tell, everything goes. More detail in CL write-up.