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Motorycle For Sale 99 VMX12 OBO

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Jun 11, 2015
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Black Hills, South Dakota
The time has come... with a heavy heart I offer the following.

1999 VMX 12 with Just under 20k on the clock.


Max Gasser seat. It's night/day better than OEM or the Corbin that was on it.
After Market Backrest and Rack
Kerker 4-2-1 (Sounds extra bitchen' with the hi-flow filter lid)
Morleys filter lid and tuning bits, Stg 7, drilled slides/7 springs, new UK made carb diaphragms
Progressive fork springs w new OEM fork seals/cups.
Comes with an extra set of undamaged (need refinish) scoops/inserts, wiring harness, forks and whatever else came off the parts bike before I moved it along, there is a good solid tote full of extras.
properly dialed in for about 4k' but I will include some extra jets to fatten it back up for lower altitudes.
Light turquios paint/clearcoat. I've not seen another VMX this color anywhere. I get tons of compliments on the color.
Solid mechanicals, lovely engine. Shifts through all gears as it should with no 2nd (or any) gear isues.
I have all the reciepts.
I do not put Chinese things on Japanese bikes, I do not service using Chinese parts. I've used OEM or US, Japanese aftermarket whever possible (cept the windscreen is prolly from China)
Highway pegs kit, but I used offsets on the to accomidate lankier riders like myself, but they can be easily fitted with virtually any tyle peg.
The windscreen and hiway pegs make a HUGE difference in rider fatigue for highway use. Hoestly I think the windscreen is butt ugly but most of my riding is highway so I left it on there. It's easy to pop off.

Front master cyl needs R&R, front brakes do not function but cracking the bleeder screws allowed the calipers to release so that I cold ride it the block or so.
Due for oil/plugs and fresh fuel, before I put it in heated storage I filled with pure gasoline/Stabil. There should be no corn swqeezings here.
Tires aged beyond serviceability.

Other stuff:
Last licensed in 2020, never stored outside. I'ts been stored in my frontroom for a couple years until last fall I fired it up, rode around the block and into a heated garage where it sat until this week. After riding and moving it around it my knee was on fire for days, seems It's just too low and heavy for me to manage with arhtritic joints. It was, however briefly, ridden most recently last fall.

I'm willing to sell it without the seat, spare scoops and rack/backrest for a lower price. I feel confident those would be easy to sell individually but would rather just make this transaction include everything VMAX that I own.

Thanks to all, Feel free to offer value opinions or offers. If soemone wants it but wants it ready to ride, contact me, I can make that happen but would prefer just to have someone swing by in the coming days and take her home.

Located near Sturgis, and nearer to Rapid City. If this scoot resonates with anyone coming for Sturgis than let me know, for a minimal good faith deposit I'll push it back inside and hold it until during/after the Rally to be picked up. Everyone knows someone who will be in Sturgis with a trailer during the Rally haha.

I'd rather sell than trade, but if someone has a literbike of <450lbs & >200rwp i'll deffs want to hear about that, even if it's been dropped or copped. I will work on getting the pics off my phone and onto the PC, so hopefuly this will have pics within the hour.

Questions, comments, offers...

THANK YOU for looking.


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This is all I have related to VMX, everything is pictured except for the fork tubes of the 85 parts bike that is responsible for most of what you see on the table. There are a few gems in there for someone I hope.

$4500 obo for the bike and all the fixins' pictured. I'll hear any reasonable offer, I'm sure I'll get corrected if I'm lofty haha.


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