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Im in the same boat. Bought my bike with a tidy tail and abs light on. Looking for a fix before I tear it apart to diag it.
Installed integrated tail light and now ABS light is on, is there a fix for this? Saw where some one mentioned resister. And if so how is it done. Thanks in advance.
The issue arises due to the indicator circuit being linked with half of the brake light circuit on each side, when the indicator is activated it’s back feeding electronic noise to the ABS ECU which triggers the flashing ABS light. You need to install a 4 pin 12V relay on the yellow brake light wire, cut the yellow brake light wire and connect the wire from the brake light switches to pin 86 on the relay, connect the other piece of the yellow wire (the one going to the brake light) to pin 87 on the relay. Then splice into the thick red wire on the 2 pin connector on the voltage regulator (caution this is a battery live and always on) connect this to pin 30 on the relay to supply power to it. Then splice a wire into the black ground wire on the tail light and connect it to pin 85 on the relay, giving the relay a ground. You need to clear all ABS codes and the problem should be gone like last months pay cheque, never to be seen again. I have added a drawing to help explain a bit better, just compare it with the original wiring diagram and it should make sense.View attachment 94741

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