Alternative Tachometer / windshield, MT09 swap???

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Jed Zeppelin

Mar 21, 2022
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So anyone notice all the huge variety of size and style of really cool windshields the MT09 and MT07 riders have to choose from?
But because of our VMAX's humungous Tachometer topped even higher with a humungous shift light any windshield added to our bikes look like crap!
Questions to Ponder .....
1. MT09 headlight swap ??? doable ? Plug and play easy? pain in ass?? there is a picture floating around looks like its been done....
2. MT09 tachometer swap to allow all those Awesome MT windshields? easy, hard?
3. Google shows many nice looking universal digital tachometers that look like all the modern bike techs....
4. notice some of the MT07's have single headline very similar in size and style to our VMAX so MT07 windshields would probably fit well and look great ( if Our humongous tach and shift light replaces with something modern digital)

The MT's and our VMAX have very similar fork, handlebars and riding position With that tach and shift light out of the way we could have and really cool windshield options....

Who has some input here??


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