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Jun 30, 2021
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Just reread noticed you said “disks are fine”. I would assume if friction plates were completely worn out, it would slip no matter how many pressure plates u added.
You can add extra steel, if discs seem to be OK but too thin by specs. Check manual for specs and measurements of discs. I bought ZX11 with worn out aluminum pressure plate and brand new discs. Clutch was slipping 100%. I installed extra used steel disc, solved!!! 💪


Oct 2, 2021
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Hey everybody thanks for the advice you all gave on this thread. Just wanted to show doing the clutch mod now the first picture is the factory spring side by side with the heavy duty EBC spring can definitely see a difference in the thickness. Also just a tip what you all probably already know if you're having problems finding the sharp side of your clutch plates look for the shiny marks where the factory ground off the sharp edge. I put all my rounded edges on my clutch plates and steel plates facing out. My original clutch wasn't in bad shape so I kept the best full disc from that to eliminate the half disc.

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Okay I took the bike out for a ride. The heavier clutch spring with new plates and steel definitely made a difference. Definitely feels better with better grab on downshift. The clutch grabs a little sooner now but it's still grabs what I believe is out far.. what can I do to get the clutch to grab closer to the grip?? I rodea friend's VMAX that grabbed quicker but I believe he had the coil conversion clutch.