Anybody notice wheels without weights?

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Sep 19, 2011
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Vernon CT
I know some tire manufacturers put a dot on the heavy side of the tire on the sidewall and you're supposed to mount it opposite of the valve stem.
Some may find this informative.
I think there is a lot of misinformation about the dots. Every article I've read states dots should be mounted nearest the valve stem, not away. One article stated the difference between a yellow & red dot is yellow marks the light spot of the tire, the other is marking the highest spot of tire (out of round)...then it said if the red dot is present, it is prioritized over yellow & to put at the valve stem.
Everything I have heard is the dot is nearest the valve stem .
As mentioned in the article posted by Max Midnight.. the Dot is the LIGHTEST part of tire. 👍



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Apr 7, 2006
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I can give ya what I have done on several bikes when changing tires.....
I first, pull off the old tire from the wheel and also pull all weights off the wheel.

Then I check the balance of that bare wheel. I make note of the 'real' heavy side of the wheel and not just assume the valve stem is the heavy side. Amazing to find that many stock wheels have the heavy side not actually at the valve stem area at all.

Then I mount the new tire with the yellow dot (lightest spot of the tire) nearest the 'actual' heavy side of the wheel.
This will make the wheel balance up better and not need as much balancing weight.

*just my opinion and what I do on my bikes.