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Jun 29, 2012
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Zutphen Netherlands
I used X pipes to delete my catalysator and did the airbox mod with a K&N filter, also planned to flash the ECU.
However, after the Cat delete with keeping the original exhausts the sound was beautiful but too much.. I can't drive to work early in the morning like this, that would be anti social.. :cool:
So I decided to install a DB killer. couldn't find a decent one for the original Vmax exhausts so I had to be creative.
Bought 2 45mm wide 14cm long DB killers which fit exactly in the back of the exhausts..
Sound is great now but not so loud it will wake the neighbors at 05:00 am
EDIT: If you want to use this setup, remove the end stops in the DB killers. I left it in and found out on the Dynojet testbank it is smoothering the engine, it generates too much counterpressure and reduces BHP at the wheel.

2021-07-20 11.54.28.jpg
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