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Jun 3, 2024
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Galesburg, MI
Hey everyone! Came across the site looking to get back into a Gen 2. Had really fond memories of riding with my dad on his Gen 1 as a kid so against all reasonable advice I picked up a 2002 as my first street bike. Traded it in for a 2014 Gen 2 grey that I sold in a divorce. Picked up an all black 2018 that I loved but sold in needing a lawnmower as a new homeowner. Then I tried a Triumph Tiger 1200, Yamaha MT 10 and now currently a 2023 KTM Super Duke 1290 r. After all that I think I've realized I should've just stayed with the Vmax 😅 anyway I'm on the lookout for an all black Gen 2 or any other Gen 2 color with low-ish miles.
Welcome to a great place for info, parts, meets, and more.

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