Honda VFR750F RC 36 1997 $3K

Discussion in 'Other Motorcycles for Sale' started by Fire-medic, Jan 3, 2019.

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    No mine, no one I know. These are considered one of the best bikes of their time, this one looks cheap-enough, and in good shape. Bike is in southeast Florida. This would be a great commuting bike, and it has gear-driven cams and a single-sided swingarm, two very desirable features.

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    • Honda VFR750f RC36 ....and it comes in red! This 1997 adult ridden bike is the last year for the mighty VFR750f RC36. You don't often see these in this condition...garage kept! It was named as one of the best sport touring bikes ever produced. It starts and runs like the day it was purchased. It comes equipped with a Corbin seat and kick up windscreen making comfortable for long rides. The engine just purrs with the ultra reliable gear driven cams. All of the lights and gauges work perfect. VFR750 motorcycle VFR 750 f
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